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Frank’s Bar @ Hotel Arts Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain

I finally landed in Barcelona! There’s something so easy and refreshing about BCN airport. It’s small and modern (with a Custo store) and no fuss. I grabbed my bags and a Spanish sim card and left to queue up for the bus tickets. I played with the machine for a half an hour and realized I could have bought a ticket on-board. (Yay.) Moving on to center city… It was an entire year since my last Barcelonian-rendezvous.

(Pictured Above: Jenzie visits Casa di-Ip in Summer of 2015) Last year my friend Michael was supposed to host my only evening in Barca, but he had other plans on the agenda and decided to fly to NY instead. All good…He left a key with me and I got to chill with his cat.

Meet Ralph! Ralph was the best company I had in Barcelona during the summer visit in 2015. <3

There was even more of her to love this year. <3

Our BCN adventures began with a quick trip down to Bogatell beach to sun bathe and nosh with some of Michael’s friends and locals.

While tanning, I picked up a gorgeous tapestry (which will now make an appearance on the Jersey shore this summer) along with some local fare. Nothing like some refreshing cerveza and Lay’s on a hot beach day!

(Pictured Above: Jenzie lounging on Bogatell with a sangria.) You don’t even have to go far for refreshments since the beach vendors are so efficient. I picked up a round of sangria for us, because “When in Barcelona…” Cheers!

After our afternoon at the beach, we took a walk around town and I took some pretty pictures of old buildings, fountains and doors.

I realized that over time there had been a burgeoning appreciation for tourism. Evidently I’m not the only one photographing hand painted signs of CAP PIS TURISTIC.

I had been admiring the local art at a leisurely pace because you know, vacation… I soon realized how fast Michael can walk.

It’s okay though…Every now and again he would wait for me to catch up.

After a quick trip to the local grocery store to buy snacks we never ate and some wine for pre-gaming, we got ready for our BIG night out on the town.

Since this would be another short and sweet trip, I researched quality food and drink options once more. We started the night’s fesitivities at Hotel Arts. They have quite an impressive entrance with a bridge like fountain structure (pictured above) hydrating plants below. The child in me could have run straight through this adult SIZED sprinkler. However, the night was still young and it was way to early to get in trouble with the law.

Inside at Frank’s Bar:

My initial impression was that Hotel Arts was out of place (for Barcelona). I couldn’t help but feel like I could be anywhere, not there! It was a bit “up on itself” for the laid back and ever-so-slightly bohemian culture we all know and love. The lighting was very dim in contrast to the bright and beautiful day I was leaving behind. I was now entering the land of dark teak wood, black lacquer and marble. This is Frank’s bar. While there are some windows to peer out of the cocktail lounge, you can’t see the beach or the marina. (That is what the roof is for.) Frank’s is not the place to go if you want to feel “beachy”.

However, all nice places have their purpose and Frank’s is best left for the sophisticated and “mature” crowd that might be passing through town on business, or convening for a special occasion. While the hotel came across as super posh, I was excited to see that cocktails ran 10 euros a piece. That’s a bargain for a New Yorker! I asked if they could make a drink recommendation and the bartender insisted I try the passion fruit martini, which did not let down! I love anything tart… BOOM.

Since cocktails weren’t as expensive as I’d anticipated, I was able to pop into Menchen Tomas for a Bar(th)elonian Souvenir! Still waiting to wear that jacket. <3

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What Jenzie Is Groovin’ To:

Nightjar – Hoxton – London, England

img_2304Nightjar was recommended through a trustworthy source at Jamie Oliver’s FIFTEEN. (Thank you!) By the time we were on our way, I had officially turned into one of these nocturnal birdies. They were the clever inspiration for the name of this speakeasy located “on the fringes of Shoreditch”. With lofty ideas of going clubbing and a walk through “the fringes”, we successfully stumbled upon a guarded door which led down a really dark staircase and finally led us into the magical art-deco-cocktail-underworld. Sound familiar?



During my last few trips to London I intended to find some of the city’s speakeasies. I wasn’t very successful as I usually start out with a loose itinerary and let the rest fill itself in. This search lies low on the list of priorities when I get my fill in NYC. Plus the genre is a bit “has been”…Where can we go from here? Long gone are the days of Milk and Honey and the reign of our dearly missed Sasha Petraske.


(Pictured Above: The necessary mysterious signage subtly posted for only the super observant to see.)

I wrote my college thesis on the speakeasy trend and applied a marketing analysis where I dissected the success in the hospitality scene. Twenty some years later the movement is still going strong, and globally at that. They’re perfect places for jokers coming out of a full meal that believe they “can hang” but not really enough for a club. This usually allows for some aggressive seated chair-dancing into the wee-hours of the morning. Chair dancing is so fun to LIVE jazz music! (Lots on here.)

Nightjar‘s cocktails fall under five categories: Pre-Prohibition, Prohibition, Post-War, Night Jar Signatures and Sharing. One sounded more tempting than the next and watching the artistic presentation of these fascinating drinks was no help. The bartenders were almost entranced in their own world as they spun, shook, tossed, stirred and whisked all kinds of magic potions behind the bar…I wanted them all! Sadly even Jenzie has her own physical limitations to adhere to.

Picking our way through a list of ENDLESS exotic ingredients prompted all kinds of questions. Our mind was made up by the giant smoking bird.


What is in the giant smoking bird? The stuff that dreams are made of! (Of course)


YORKSHIRE PUNCH: Gin Mare, Apple & Rhubarb, Absinthe, St. Germain, Berry liqueurs, Lemon, Yorkshire Tea, Honey and Ginger. After the fanfare of the dry ice wore off, we were stuck with a giant pitcher and tin mugs filled with an array of interesting garnishes. There was a Yorkshire tea bag (bien sur) a yellow tomato (or toh-mah-toe) and herbs (like Rosemary or H-eubs?) on top of rather large ice cubes… Yes, herbaceous would be the adjective to describe this concoction. It took a while to finish since it serves 2-4 people. This shared-punch might have been the closest I came to having tea that entire weekend!


All good things must come to an end when Jenzie has jetlag. As we made our way back up the staircase and left the roaring and mysterious cocktail-land behind us, we heard quite the ruckus on the street. It turned out there was a legit brawl up in this piece!


Thankfully we had the friendly door man to protect us. The hostess didn’t want us to leave as it seemed we had some unfinished business to tend to. FYI – Nightjar includes a cover for their live entertainment.


People were screaming, getting naked and throwing punches! Startled by this uncivilized behavior, it was officially time to call my uber.


No worries, I made it home safe and sound! Can’t wait to try their sister bar Oriole next time I’m in town.

<3 Jenzie xoxo

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Jenzie Grooves:


Blue Duck Tavern – Park Hyatt – Washington D.C.

PeanutPimpMama1-300x300I decided to consult my friend Robin for D.C. restaurant recommendations. I met Robin in the foyer of Parsons Paris back in 2007. She had just returned from her solo-travels and all she could talk about was the fabulous food she enjoyed. In that moment I knew she was good people. We shared many-a-Parisian-meal together and since then some in NYC, Annapolis and lastly Charleston, SC! I knew she would be the perfect person to consult regarding D.C.-eats. Foodie minds think alike!

imageAmong her fabulous recommendations was the Blue Duck Tavern located in the Park Hyatt hotel. Oddly enough I had heard of the name before. When I went to the site I was sold on the first-come and first-served bar option. With a full itinerary we had no idea what time we would want to sit for dinner. This provided flexibility and a menu with killer side dishes that later that day became our mains!


(Pictured Above Clockwise): Brussels Sprouts-with cranberries, bacon and pecans. (2nd Dish): The Hand-Cut Famous BDT Fries- thick potato wedges twice fried in oil then duck fat for a crispy outside and decadent moist potato(ey) inside. (3rd Dish): Black Garlic Caesar Charred Broccoli-with pig ears and Virginia peanuts. The Brussels were a solid side with your sweet, tart and savory crunchy pecan bits. The BDT fries are NOT to be missed and your server will certainly assure you. Sadly, I had a bone to pick with the chef over the charred broccoli. It was cooked to tender perfection, however chomping down on the pigs ear really sent a bone chilling sensation down my spine. It was hard as nails! Luckily it appears that their generously-portioned vegetable sides change seasonally. (This guy had to go.)


All’s well that ends well with a big tub of ice cream! Yes, that is a giant wooden spoon in their for perspective.


After dinner was over we rolled next door to see the foyer of the Park Hyatt D.C.. I finally realized why I recognized the name of this restaurant! As it turns out I had cataloged many pictures of the cherry blossom installations and the Blue Duck Tavern for my first job out of college. Back then I was working as “coordinator” of sorts…Whatever that was? Every  now and again the universe likes to remind us of how far we’ve come and all that we’ve achieved in the most peculiar ways and at the most unsuspected moments. It keeps us grateful that we are no longer where we used to be.


Cheers to dodged bullets & God Bless America!


For More Information: BLUE DUCK TAVERN

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PeanutPimpMama Grooves:

W Hotel (POV) – Washingtong, D.C.


One of the things my roommate and I were most excited about was the ten degree spike in temperature we were gaining on our journey “down south”. We took our coats off (in February) and basked under the somewhat sunny skies. It showed us a sign of hope that our winter drear was soon to pass. We deserved this good weather with only two days to sight see. After a quick gander by the White House, the next stop was the W Hotel, known for its rooftop bar called POV.

It was finally lunch time and one can only stare at the teeny-weeny White House and protesters for so long. As passionate as their topics were they lacked any “oomph” in the delivery.


We arrived at the W and took the elevator up to the roof to find a buzzing terrace overlooking the entirety of D.C.. Although the skies were overcast, it was a pretty impressive panoramic view. Everyone was nearly naked for it! While snagging some seating was a bit of a challenge with the overwhelmed hostess, we managed to secure a high-top table after giving names and waiting on a list. It gave us a chance to stare at the skyline and sip sugary cocktails that took me back to 2002…Apple-tini anyone? (Mixology is not their strong point.)


That’s the view.


This is what I ate: I opted for the Caesar salad and added shrimp for a small fortune. (+$9.00 shwimps = $23.00 salad experience) To be fair it was a delicious salad. Warm weather, crisp romaine and kale with a glass of Jean-Louis Trocard, Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc ($12.00)…PPM was a happy girl!


I couldn’t believe they had the nerve to charge $5.00 for some bubbles in my water.  They can only get away with these prices on a roof with a view. This is what I get for coming to a bar that prides itself on being “A place to see and be seen.” (PPM would rather see that five bucks in her wallet.) Silver lining: My drink came in an actual glass and not your typical plastic rooftop sippy-cup.


Happy ladies on the town…Why do I always have the most expensive tab without trying? Next time I would come here at night for the pano-view and skip the underwhelming food selection. Champagne… Champagne is always a safe bet! There’s no messing that up!

Peace, Love & Bubbles 4eva


For More Information: POV

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PeanutPimpMama Grooves:

Roof Garden Café and Martini Bar @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art- Upper East Side, NYC

photoOne of my favorite things to wake up to is an inbox full of emails with “Best of Rooftops” from the likes of Thrillist and Time Out Magazine. Today I bring you one very special rooftop that has a little something for everyone, including those who seek out the finer things in life and appreciate a little “cult-cha” temps en temps. I was on a mission to see The Roof Garden Café  at The Met when a yellow cab video convinced me that I NEEDED to see the new installation by the artist Pierre Huyghe. As someone with an arts degree, I’d like to think that I have an open mind and can be capable of deep-thoughts and thinking outside the box. I have definitely been guilty of coloring outside the lines…

imageBefore heading to the rooftop for my treat, it was important to pay my artistic dues. It was hard to miss “Perseus with the head of Medusa” who not only proved to be a good landmark for navigating through The Met, but also a tad startling to peer at. Those dimensions “tho”: Overall (confirmed): H. 95 1/2 x W. 75 1/2 x D. 40 1/2 in. (242.6 x 191.8 x 102.9 cm)

imagePeanutPimpMama has a great appreciation for the old things. She likes to pretend she was Mary Antoinette in a past life, except that she got to eat the cake. (She didn’t share it either.)


After looking at artifacts from all over the world we made our way to the elevator with the other excited museum-a-neers. To our surprise we arrived on the roof to find quite a sight for sore eyes. This installation included dismantled rooftop tiles with a tank placed arbitrarily and chillin’ off to the far right corner. This tank was special “tho”. It seemed to have a meteor rock-like formation inside surrounded by magical waters. When you get close you see lots of little creatures inside including baby horseshoe crabzies crawling about with their creepy little legs. People stand mystified by the big rock in a fish tank as they video tape and photograph the cloudy waters which clear up to reveal aquatic life forms once every thirty seconds. This murky crustacean bath somehow captivates the audience with all of these CRABZIES.


What really made this installation a lot more interesting: They have really worked on The Roof Garden’s offerings since my last visit. What used to be a limited selection of wines and domestic bottled beers has turned in to a full-on cocktail party with specialized vats of juicy goodness ready to be combined with a spirit of your choice ($15.00 + tip) or served “virgin” style ($6.00 + tip) for those just looking for pure refreshment. Pictured Above: PeanutPimpMaMa sips the “Cypress”- Blackberry-Lime Shrub, Pomegranate with Canadian Club Whisky. Did I mention the pour was generous?

imageThe downfall is that you’re paying $15.00 on another rooftop in Manhattan for a drink in a plastic cup. The bright side- The bartenders have quite a heavy hand with their pour and you’re drinking on  rooftop in Manhattan overlooking Central Park. If you’re hungry they have overpriced snacks to match! That view “tho”…PRICELESS.

You can’t make this up.


<3 PeanutPimpMama (a DEEP thinker).


Pictured Above: “PPM zinks deep zoughts wis ze zinker” @ Musée Rodin Rodin 2007

For More Information: www.metmuseum.org

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The Gin Joint – Charleston- SC

photoGin, it tastes like Christmas trees. Next time you sip your gin and tonic, you’ll think of PPM and evergreens. Gin doesn’t only make me think of Christmas trees, it also makes me think of Snoop Dog and “Gin and Juice”, rolling down the street smokin’ (JK) etc. etc. You know those types of things. Then of course there’s prohibition and the bathtub-gin and of course the beloved speakeasy-theme which has reshaped the inescapable cocktail scene of America. (Thanks Petraske) Seriously, you don’t go to a “real bar” unless you enter the establishment to see so many exotic fruits, veggies and potions that hit you with a wall of herbal euphoria to swear that someone’s Nutribullet must be near by.


I poppped into The Gin Joint after quite the indulgent meal and was ready for a sipper. Behold the 1920’s inspired, vest wearing, cocktail shaking potion pouring herbal picking bar of deliciousness awaits you!

414Living in NYC you’ll see this theme brought to extremes. You’ll find speakeasies hidden behind telephone booths and magical sliding bookcases. You have to walk down dark alleys and give passwords to strange people guarding dodgey doors which open to a haven of utter debauchery humbly serving booze in teacups. Charleston is a little different… They like their crazy to be cozy and out in the open, not necessarily super mysterious or 1920’s-y feeling.

402 - CopyHere at The Gin Joint they certainly have a sense of humor about things. When I opened the menu my eyes instantly gravitated towards the cocktail “Banana Hammock” featuring: Flor De Cana 7, Zaya 12, Banana, Pineapple, Vanilla Cordial, Lemon, Orgeat, Walnut and Angostura Bitters. Truth be told, my character as a human was once ever-so-harshly judged by using that phrase. On a different occasion I’m pretty sure it helped me lose the little respect of an old roommate I had. Not my fault of course, he was sporting a wee ONE (and ONLY that wee little Hammock) around the apartment. Confrontation of the matter got me blocked on the FB! Yet ironically he had a huge complex about me wearing shoes inside. (Go figure?) I’m baffled by this behavior until this very day. We’ll chalk it up to “cultural differences”. (Memoirs of a Sad Banana Hammock by PeanutPimpMama)

411After I ordered this drink I was so excited to see that it was garnished with my favorite flower, a hot pink orchid! The presentation was so playful, like it was meant to be. Luckily I was ready for dessert and this bevvy filled the sugary void in my life…Well, that and the preview of their Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar (pictured below). This tasty chocolate concoction consists of: Pretzel, dulce de leche, Pop Rocks and Bulls Bay sea salt. (Yes, the pop rocks popped on my tongue.) Upon first glance we were a little confused by the size. Eventually the rest of our slice made it out to the bar as well. By that point we were so full of “all the delicious things” that we boxed er’ up and sliced n’ diced her as a sweet treat for our afternoon party the next day. It fared well.


Those poor innocent bananas. Since this phrase hits home in such a way, I’ll never look at those fruits the same again…or hammocks. Ah f*ck it I love them both! (Just not on my roommates.)


Here is a cute Charlestonian dog to get your mind off that junk.


For More Information: www.theginjoint.com

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The Belmont – Charleston- SC


My first bar experience in Charleston and I was already being introduced to cultural norms and local lingo. While I’m all up for a crash course, I couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around the name “The Belmont”. For some reason I wanted to call it Belford and a bunch of other Bel-things. It’s a great name, but my mind wouldn’t accept the fact that it was the same name as the horse track in New York. I saw the Belmont stakes once…It was all downhill once a horse fell injured and the big white screen rolled out. Thankfully no gunshots were heard and the poor lil bugger was pulled away on a flat bed for mending. PeanutPimpMama was all tears…


The Experience:

266I saw a complete transformation on King st. from Thursday night to Saturday night. I really liked the calmness of when I first arrived compared to the weekend buzz of the younger folk. (That’s how PeanutPimpMama knows she’s getting old.) The Belmont has a really cool art deco-ey entrance which makes the dimly lit interior look pretty intriguing through the geometric cut glass. It’s like walking into a 1920’s inspired kaleidoscope world of cocktails.

265The bar has a visibly extensive selection of liquors and liqueurs of which to imbibe. The bartenders were super welcoming and attentive…You can’t drink them “tho”.

256Their menu offers an extensive cocktail list of enticing mixology using various spirits to accompany impressive charcuterie you can order in sets of two, four or six servings. Had we not eaten dinner I would have loved to take advantage of their offerings. Even the homemade pop-tart sounded tempting! Now that’s a comfort food that hasn’t been revisited yet. I do believe a pop-tart would bring me right back to the fifth grade. Mmm I can still taste the blueberry one with a nice tall glass of cold milk while watching an afterschool episode of “Bobby’s World” (Babby’s World).

257My cocktail (a spicy one of course) arrived accompanied by a pickled green bean. I knew I was in the south because I hadn’t seen the likes of that kinda green bean since N’awlins in 2011. I was tempted to keep ordering but I had to save some moneys and room for the coming days.


Then it happened… We ordered a shot of Fernet, “one shot two ways.” I was so confused and quickly needed my friend to translate. She explained that you can share shots in South Carolina and it’s socially acceptable. No no really the bartender doesn’t hate you for it! The local fascination with Fernet seems to be somewhat of a phenomenon to me. As it turns out San Franciscans are also in love with this beefy lil liqueur that was even featured on Thrillist.com (a PeanutPimpMama Fave.) After sipping it (a first for PeanutPimpMama) I understood why this one shot might be had “two ways,” although really just one way, split in two. It has quite the earthy taste to it, with a minty herbal finish that leaves your nose in a bit of a twist. It’s an acquired taste (at best) and so rich that you only need a couple of sips for the rest of your life as this digestif is heart, mind, body, and soul-warming. You’ll never need to turn on your heat again… I promise.

 PeanutPimpMama Sips and Sips and Sips…


For More Information: www.thebelmontcharleston.com

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Hotel Shangri La – SYBARIS & Suite 700- Santa Monica- Los Angeles, CA

photoAfter I said goodbye to Studio City, it was time to make moves on the “Tour-du-Friends”. Tiki-lunch in Malibu was good times at Duke’s and now I was “homeward bound” for the weekend in Santa Monica. I could not be trusted with street parking (Who needs out of state tickets when I get plenty at home?) I located a parking lot and settled in with a trunk that slowly became my portable closet. I decided to take a stroll around Ocean Blvd. to peruse some local menus. (PeanutPimpMama thoroughly enjoyed the oceanfront vibes while staring up at the beautiful palm trees.) There is something special about Santa Monica and I wanted to roll out my own red carpet as I made my way over to Shangrila for some afternoon imbibing.



I had received a couple recommendations that this was a good spot during the endless search for The Fancy-Pool. Cause you know… “I fancy”.

hotel shangri la santa monica

I pictured the pool to be on the rooftop and I am not sure how that got lost in translation. The pool is nowhere near the roof. To access it you must go through the ground level lobby and up a small stair case around the back of the building. Finally you enter into a “White Oasis of Cool” with cabana spaces, an outdoor spa for pool-side massagey (PPM loves a good pool-side massagey) and the bar with some outdoor decorative fire pits to chill out or warm up to… Or as my college professor used to say, “To shoot up and lay out to”. Until this day I’m not sure why he thought that was so funny. PPM Insider Tip: Make sure to look out for the cluster of models perched like water-nymphs with flower wreaths in their hair. It appears they got lost on their way to San Francisco.

10704132_704725116262951_7167906850786219775_nSince I was caught up in a palm tree photo shoot I ran a tad late for my drinks appointment and had to collect my friend at the SYBARIS pool bar. I made sure to grab my spa menu so I was “in the know” for my return. The thing that always irks me about outdoor venue drinking- We seem to be the only country that hasn’t quite mastered the ability to use proper stemware in outdoor scenarios. Nothing gets my goat more than blowing $15.00 on a cocktail in a dixie cup. (Shoot me*) I don’t care if you just poured liquid gold into my drink. (This screams frat party.) After trying to order two drinks (they did not have the ingredients for) I settled on a blueberry lemonade thinga-ma-jiggy. If you look closely at the picture above you might see a fresh blueberry… Go ahead and take a look.

10646696_10152476873488509_5983417249249265682_nThe rooftop bar at Shangri La called Suite 700, is a former penthouse that seems to be quite intimate due to size and seating arrangements and appears to fill up fast. I noticed it needed a little love much like the lobby downstairs but is totally worth the look-see for that panoramic view! With the art deco architecture and priceless location they can get away with whatever they want. Overall the atmosphere was totally my style and so were the snacks. Next time the play is to get here a little earlier, aim for the rooftop and take advantage of the happy hour and small plates-YUM! Gosh this city is so pleasant.

Peace, <3 and Palm Treeeeeeeeeeeeeeszies!


(PPM does L.A. Right 2014)

For More Information: www.shangrila-hotel.com

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Duke’s Malibu – Malibu – Los Angeles, CA


Have you ever traveled to a place or had a moment where you thought to yourself, “Will I ever be back here?” Some places you may not care to ever see again and some places leave you with such a feeling of urgency like you need to swallow it whole. Other places you may seem to take day by day (on a slow drip) with a sense of contentedness that there will be another time or chance to experience them. Your gut knows that you are meant to come back. There are certain cities that have had some sort of gravitational pull in the last 32 years and L.A. is one. I have traveled there half a dozen times for family and friends as my own personal circuit seems to be assuming a bi-coastal divide…I don’t mind this.


It’s interesting to think that the first time I stepped foot into Duke’s Malibu I was only five years old. (Although Duke’s wasn’t Duke’s back then.) PeanutPimpMama was a lot smaller, and mom’s hair BIGGER THAN EVER.

10653501_10152506449033509_7472720789298098598_nMy friend and I were on the hunt for a good chat n’ chew spot to have a long awaited catch up. There was enough of Venice Beach for the last 48 hours so North was the desired direction. Duke’s Malibu popped up and I was sold on the tiki-themed seafood restaurant description known for it’s incredible ocean views.


No exaggeration there… Duke’s ocean views are so good that one would require a submarine to get any better. We had the full experience that afternoon with surfers and dolphins galore! (Proper L.A. Entertainment: Dolphins swimming pictured above) I seriously have childhood memories of sitting by the window wondering how this restaurant wasn’t washed away by waves. Perhaps this is the reason behind my recurring tsunami dreams…

10270491_10152506448803509_7763343215001507344_n (1)

While the drink list offers a nice variety of wines and bubbles (including locally sourced) I started my meal off with a Lava Flow: blended pineapple juice, cream of coconut, strawberries and light rum with an optional Meyer’s dark rum float. Of course I opted for the Meyer’s dark rum float! (If there is an option to modify, PPM is going to take it.)

10609562_704724636262999_877615208860189162_n (1)

For a starter we selected the Tahitian Shrimp: Grilled papaya, coconut milk, avocado, tomato, cucumber, lime and shaved peppers. Look at how clean those beautiful little shrimp are. I love anything with coconut milk…It had a little sweetness and a little spice (everything nice).


Unfortunately I went a little shrimp-heavy for lunch (my fault). I ordered the Shrimp and Crab Salad: Chilled sweet crab and shrimp crisp romaine, avocado, asparagus, corn, tomatoes, Kalamata olives and a creamy lemon dressing. The food was almost as good as our conversation. I’m a huge fan of tiki-anything (as an aspiring tiki bar owner myself) and I was really hoping it would be a little more flamboyant inside. Staring at the Pacific wasn’t too shabby in spite of the lack of kitsch paraphernalia I was hoping to encounter . Duke’s is a great place to meet if you want to hear yourself think and chill out with the most zen view you can get. It’s funny to think I was there 27 years ago. I feel too young to say I went anywhere 27 years ago…

 “I’m on a seafood diet. If I see food I eat it.”


(PPM does L.A. Right 2014)

For More Information: http: www.dukesmalibu.com

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Bar Lubitsch – West Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA

photoI’m the typical cross-breed Mutt with roots descending from eastern European countries and Italy…Because who isn’t Italian? If Italy was good at anything it was clearly good at populating. The globe appears to be full of humans boasting of their Italian-lineage as if it makes them supreme or tougher for it. The trickle down-culture has completely dominated my upbringing leaving me somewhat Catholic, well fed and little to no connection with my eastern- Euro background. (At least I know a good pizza.) For arguments sake my family says that they’re “Russian”. Yet no one is actually from Russia and Russia is not part of Europe. Got a problem with that? Point Bella Russia out on the world map (without cheating) and then we’ll discuss.




Maybe if you’re Russian (or not) or a plain old American (or confused about what the h*ll you are) and just fascinated by all things Russian, Bar Lubitsch might be for you. It’s a kitsch little place known for its attractive bartenders and extensive list of vodkas (Russian Standard too) with great napkins serving up most cocktails Ruskie-themed. It’s a dark and mysterious red space with a lot of bold font and giant vats of vodka infused with pineapples. I asked for a piece of that pineapple and was abruptly turned down as they have a no-pineapple passing policy. Evidently you can look but you can’t touch. While I turned up on a slower night, this unique little bar has DJ’s and dancing with an outdoor patio area, but no food. Do NOT come hungry or else you’re going to end up eating bacon wrapped jalapenos and macaroni salad with Betty Page on the front porch.



Not like there is anything wrong with that…Rockabilly and Russian are two R’s I never thought to put together.


I’m still confused about what happened…Watch out as those cocktails pack a $20.00 Russian punch!


(PPM does L.A. Right 2014)

For More Information: www.barlubitsch.com 

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