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Café Pam Pam – Juan-les-Pins, Côte d’Azur, France

PeanutPimpMama1-300x300I’m sure studying international business in Nice was the worst influence I could have ever had. When on the Riviera “lady of leisure” takes on an entirely new meaning by raising the bar high. What could be better than vacationing in the most beautiful place on earth with the most amazing-eats and wines around? With a coastline so blue you could get lost staring at it, it’s a perfect place to eat, shop, beach, drink (repeat). This is where I made some of my fondest memories doing just that.

While scrounging around my NYC cupboard the other day, a little tiki man fell out of my stash and right into the dog’s (Myrtle’s) bowl. I chuckled to myself as I fished it out of the water and dried it off. That tiki head was a garnish off one of many-an-elaborate-cocktail and sundaes consumed at Rhumerie Pam-Pam in Juan-les-Pins. The first time I had been to this cafe was a whole decade ago. I took this pic last summer in utter amazement that some things never change…except the ever-expanding collection of white hair on my head.


These elaborate tiki-decorations seem to travel well! The collection I’ve built up in the last decade has survived three countries and four major metropolitan cities including (Nice itself) London, Paris and now NYC.

331612_10150400600123509_331188182_oI thought about how unique this place seemed when I first sipped a drink out of a giant seashell back in 2005. Safe to say I’ve witnessed all kinds of libation-vessels as I’ve become quite “seasoned” in the cocktail arena. I’ve even slung a few in my time.

I’ve always had an affinity for tiki-bars and Pam-Pam happens to be right up PeanutPimpMama’s alley. However it wasn’t until my last trip to JLP that it dawned on me…This was actually a Brazilian themed café-pub?! Yet I have no recollection of anything like this during my trip to Rio in 2010. (Although there may have been a couple of things I missed out on.) It’s all about who you travel with!


Ten years later and this place is still drawing quite the crowd with more elaborate concoctions than ever.

I ordered a massive hazelnut and fudge doused sundae during my last Pam-Pam session. The last thing I needed was some more sugar with all of my sugar…I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a tiki bird! (Cue the diabetic shock!)


If you’re lucky you get a little memorable cabaret action to motivate you through your goodies. Goodies…


23 years old here…Just three lovely ladies and some “ballers” in Antibes!

My old roommates and I were lucky to have a NYC rendezvous last year… It was so nice to catch up on the last decade in real-time. I may not be close to JLP’s Rhumerie Pam-Pam, but thanks to technology today these two lovely ladies are never more than a click* away!

 Reminiscing over happier and warmer times… Stay dry out there!


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PeanutPimpMama Grooves:

Neptune Plage – Nice, France

PeanutPimpMama1-300x300I woke up on the most perfect day of Riviera weather and knew I had to sit across the street at Neptune Plage. It had been quite the late-one the night before so I wasn’t really hungry. I knew that a nice strong coffee was certainly a must. I was able to recruit one flatmate to join for a petit déjeuner avec moi. Ah the magical order of two espressos and a citron pressé with an omelette fromage en partage. Eating that while gazing into the hypnotizing blue Mediterranean… I can still feel the warm sun seeping through the umbrellas as I sat with my cell phone snapping away pictures, instagramming and texting my loves (old and new) about my adventures.


Our smoothe little espressos were accompanied by tiny little biscuits. Between that and my do-it-yourself lemonade there was enough sugar to last a month. Gosh how I <3 those refined sugars.


We sipped away and perused the menu which offers a wide array of foods starting with hearty breakfast formules for petit dejeuner and some “American Burger Snacks” as well as salads. There are also meat and fish entrees for really hungry people who obviously don’t care about beach-bloat. Lastly, a café would not be complete without a list of cocktails and ornate desserts. They’ve got that covered too. The place isn’t dirt cheap as most smaller plates range from 10-20 euros and up to 25 for larger meals. However one could never put a price on the live entertainment automatically included.


I knew some eggs could only help the immediate situation and allow us to enjoy the table without feeling completely awkward. Last time I was able to enjoy a beach café here would have been back in 2008 with my cousin Erika. (Pictured Above). The Riviera was never the same after that trip.


There was no instagramming back then, just the writing of good-old-fashioned-post-cards of which I’m still a huge fan. #Ilovesnailmail

11800393_10153250508553509_678182602669137235_n(Pictured Above: L’Omelette Fromage-The cheese omelette.) It’s exactly what the menu says verbatim. You don’t need to know what kind of cheese is inside so don’t ask. What you don’t understand is that it’s not really important to know what kind of cheese is inside this omelette. It’s not like you are going to modify the selection or dare to inquire about options because it will be good just the way it is served, bien sur! Your job is to accept this, eat it and move on with your life.


Can you imagine waking up in this apartment every day?


Adjacent to all of that…


Can life seriously get any better than this view “tho”?


It’s going to take a lot of convincing for me to believe otherwise.


Just look at all of this beauty. #denialthatwinterisuponus #ImissNice #œufssurlaplage


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Fenocchio – Nice, France


People ask me how my affinity for the French Riviera began. I spent one of the best semesters abroad there, but it seems to have the perfect combination of all the things PeanutPimpMama loves in life! It’s a pretty powerful statement I know. The truth is that PPM grew up near the beach, so there’s that. Plus, how can you not be completely hypnotized by the turquoise Mediterranean Sea? The weather is some of the best in the world, and the way the mountains reach the coastline is truly breathtaking. My all time favorite (of course) is the perfect fusion of Italian, French and local Niçoise fare. That magical mélange here includes some of the most impressive gelaterias I’ve ever seen.

IMG_9218When I studied in Nice back in 2005 my personal gelateria of choice was Pinnochio located right on Rue Massena (close to the old abode). The name of this particular brand “Fenocchio” kind of makes me chuckle a bit. (Pinnochio & Fenocchio…hinting at phallic references? The world may never know.) While both are filled with quite the alternative list of flavors, Fenocchio seems to be more about the gelato vs. a gelato-experience. Stumbling into the stand right after a late lunch was pretty impeccable timing. While the line was a bit overwhelming, the sales girls mean business and they let you know it by shuffling you along at a less-than-friendly pace. (Pictured Above:) Coconut and Speculoos. I’m soooooooooo boring. zzzz OMGzies it was so good though, I can still taste it…Like omg #Ican’teven #butcanI ? #gelatoonpoint #tho


My friends were way more adventurous with their ice cream selections. There were definitely some floral options and savory tastes for the more adventurous palates. It made for some excellent fuel to get the midday chores done before getting ready for the big night out. While some of us went home to for a late afternoon swim, others napped and some of us cleaned our unmentionables in the salad spinner. Desperate times call for desperate measures, especially when the washing machine is on the fritz! This episode of PPM à Nice had a couple of interesting twists and turns to the plot. All is well that ends well!


Thank goodness for airy balconies! A salad spinner…What would LuLu say?!

~PPM  Xxx

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Restaurant Le Romarin – Nice, France

PeanutPimpMama1-300x300Running on pure adrenaline and maybe the remnants of a cocktail or two, we landed in Nice around 7:00am, grabbed THE luggage and jumped into a taxi en route to l’apartement pour le weekend. The last time I had been in this airport would have been Summer of 2008 post-graduation. At the ripe age of 26 I remember feeling too old to have just graduated as I celebrated the completion of my BBA at Jimmy*z in Monte Carlo (until 6:00am). My mind was instantly flooded with amazing memories and I couldn’t wait to exit the airport and drive down the promenade. Moments later we were in the car and it was like nothing had changed, nothing really except that airport! It had some major additions with luxury good kiosks and food options besides PAUL. #wow


Airbnb…Let’s talk about that. We eventually arrived to wake up my groggy friends at our amazing rental which had been recently upgraded. It turned out that our original venue flooded, so we were relocated from Vieux-Nice to and apartment neighboring The Negresco Hotel. (c’est domage!) Airbnb didn’t even exist when we studied there in 2005. Yet here we were ten years later staying in an apartment none of us could fathom a decade ago with wrap around balconies, three large bedrooms, two and a half baths and massive common space with a beautiful kitchen for a wopping 130 euros per night… I’ll take it! Now if only we had time to cook.


That view “tho” … I’m a little jealous of myself right now.


Getting my luggage upstairs was interesting. I somehow managed to fit it in the lift…Closing the door and jumping in along with the case was the greater challenge. I had two options, playing elevator-Tetris or secondly facing the staircase. After settling in the apartment we set out to improve the wardrobe and toiletry situation and grabbed ourselves a delightful breakfast-formule at a local café .

IMG_9150It’s funny how Americans fear bread like the plague, yet we cross the Atlantic Ocean and all avoidance of carbo-bloat is instantaneously down the tubes as bread suddenly becomes a main/sole food group.(Pictured Above): PeanutPimpMama enjoys all of the important food groups including: croissant, bread with butter and jam, latte and a glass of freshly pressed O.J. #nothappeninginNYCnope


Since it was a bit overcast out, I took the liberty to revisit some old stomping grounds. (Pictured Above): PeanutPimpMama’s Niçoise Abode located on Rue Massena. This street is forever bustling with little boutiques and awesome cafés for pizzas and Italian assorted foodies. I admit that every time I have faced this door since 2005 it’s always been a bit surreal. So many memories on this street… So many walks of shame. (Not mine of course!)


The rest of the afternoon was spent strolling through Vieux-Nice. I was always mesmerized by this area of the city with the little winding nooks and crannies of these buildings and all of their hidden-secrets. My wandering-bohemian soul gets lost here.


Ah but my nose always finds its way! With the day slipping by, we walked through the Marché aux Fleurs and gawked at the flowers and restaurants in hopes of finding a nice café to have a late lunch. Nothing really grabbed us with thoughts of socca on the brain. Finally we turned a corner and it was like the heavens opened up and a beam of light shone down on this friendly looking little restaurant called Le Romarin (specializing in local Niçoise cuisine).

imageWe had our socca alright! We had that along with three other platters loaded with Niçoise-goodies. A goat cheese salad was neccessary (Salade de chèvre chaud 11,50€) while in France, plus we were limited to meal times where this might be possible. While I’ve seen way more impressive renditions of this classic French-salade, it added to our array quite nicely. Secondly, we chose a plate of local favorites to share (Assiette Nissarde 15,50€ ) -Pissaladière, Farcis, frites and Ratatouille and some grilled sanguins. We couldn’t skip the traditional (Salade niçoise 11,50€) -a bed of mesclun greens topped with tuna, anchovies, eggs, peppers, olives, radishes, cherry tomatoes and a light vinaigrette.  #noregrets


What would this amazing outdoor lunch be without a cool glass of pink-stuff? Un verre of house rosé was a nécessaire accompagnement pour le bon repas. A “bon repas” it was! Fear not as Le Romarin is approved by the local tourism board as “Authentic Niçoise Cuisine” juuuuuuuust in case you had any doubts.


All kinds of excited for our plans that evening, we cheered to our ten year reunion and a successful weekend in Nice…May we always return!

(At least PeanutPimpMama wants to) xoxo   <3 PPM

The Mediterranean.

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