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Prairie Whale – Great Barrington, MA


Day two in the Berkshires was nothing short of fabulous. After a lie-in we had a beautiful brunch at CrossRoads Food Shop. Afterwards we took a nice leisurely stroll through the town of Great Barrington. PeanutPimpMama scored a great deal on a beautiful chartreuse number at Byzantium and a cross-over leather bag on sale at Louisa Ellis on Main St.. After the successful spree PPM did something she rarely ever does…She took a cat nap!


imageAfter another two hour rest it was time to get up and prepare for the voyage back to NYC. Actually, it was really time to figure out where we would obtain the cocktail before departing. Prairie Whale, a local Modern American restaurant (located in a rather large house) happens to turn-out a mean drink. What initially was an attempt to grab a bevvy turned in to a full-on dinner in their candle-lit cozy dining space.


The term ‘Prairie Whale” was a name used in the 1800’s referring to pigs. I done-learned this off their menu. The menu not only gave interesting facts about our even-toed ungulate friends, it also listed all of their delectable items from starters, mains and finally desserts on one concise page. This made things easy so you could plan your life all in one-go.


I decided to share the escarole caesar salad to start. These supple leaves were lightly tossed in a creamy dressing and served with anchovy, radish, bread crumbs then topped with a snow cap of grana padano formaggio. When I have a salad this good I wish I could put it on repeat.

For my main I had the Tagliatelle with guanciale, brussel sprouts, black pepper and egg yolk. My initial goal was to video tape myself breaking the yolk in slow-mo for your enjoyment. I can only do these things in small groups of people that understand this behavior. There are times where I feel glimpses of what some might refer to as embarrassment for my chronic food-photo-snapping.


My friend (who is a better vegetarian than me) ordered the Soldier beans with grilled halloumi, parsnips, almonds and falafel dish. I stole a bite… It was solid. No flavor like guanciale though, I’m sorry! Mmmm magical magical piggy jowl!


This delightful dinner was followed up by some Golden Goose Egg Brûlée. It’s nice to end a meal on a creamy note since I’m a big fan of brûlées, flans and all things moussey.


The Berkshires weren’t the same after PeanutPimpMama left that weekend…Or should we say Tinder wasn’t the same in the Berkshires after PPM departed? It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!


Until Next Time.

~PPM xoxo

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PeanutPimpMama Grooves:

PeanutPimpMama heads to the Mountains! – The Berkshires, MA

PeanutPimpMamaThere were many city mice in the countryside last month as my friends were married in the Berkshires. When we arrived in Lenox, MA our first stop was a welcome cocktail at The Gateways Inn. What a cozy experience! All of us New Yorkers showed up in our black attire as to be expected (no memo was sent). We noshed on the Mediterranean spread and took full advantage of the open bar. The mountains, actual fresh air, and trees provided a nice change of scenery for all and a romantic setting for their special day. I was excited to see this long sought after relaxation destination once and for all.

Pictured Here: The Kemble Inn

Our home for the weekend was The Kemble Inn pictured above. Priding itself on its “Ralph Lauren style in Lenox” and reputation for NOT being “your grandmother’s bed and breakfast” it is an impressive sight to see (particularly in the evening) when it is illuminated in white light.

Pictured Here: The Salon at The Kemble Inn

The salon at The Kemble Inn (pictured above) is suitable for enjoying a spot of tea whilst reading your favourite novel. Careful now, her royal highness is watching you.

Pictured Here: A Delightful Cheese Pizza

Here we indulged in a late-night pizza party provided by Domino’s which included that sinful buttery dipping sauce for our artery clogging enjoyment.

Pictured Here: The Foyer at The Kemble Inn

Additionally, there are other sitting areas to be enjoyed for conversing or deep contemplation of man’s existential dilemma. The mountainous view is not bad either.

Pictured Here: A bedroom turn-down treat

 When our beds were turned down for the evening, magical snacks appeared like this one above!

Pictured Here: The chandelier at The Kemble Inn

Alas, when the day had come to a close all of the snoozey guests made their way back to their chambres and admired the glorious chandelier hovering over the foyer.

Pictured Here: A parfait of Greek Yogurt, Granola and Fresh Berries

Waking up wasn’t hard to do with these heavenly breakfast options offered a la carte. The three step ordering process included your choice of freshly squeezed juice, fresh pastry assortment with a parfait of granola, berries and Greek yogurt and finally selecting a warm main dish. As if there was any room left!

Pictured Here: Eggs Florentine

Breakfast on day one (for me) was Eggs Florentine pictured above. Alongside is the neighboring granola and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. I must have had four glasses each morning.

Pictured Here: Haven

Before the wedding ceremony commenced we toured a little of Lenox first and then Great Barrington which is located about 25 minutes away. Stuffed to the gills but always looking for an adventure, I joined in for a trip to the local cafe called Haven. It’s a cozy place with a local-organic philosophy, turning out freshly baked goods with breakfast, brunch and lunch. They offer some interesting items for the kitchen and quite the coffee concoctions that could make a Starbucks Barista cry!

Pictured Here: Salted Mocha Breve at Haven

Check this picture out above: Salted Caramel Mocha Breve! Shite’s Real Yo… Espresso with caramel, chocolate, Himalayan sea salt, and steamed half and half. If there could be breakfast in a coffee cup, this would be it. (My faithful followers might recognize this photo from real-time on Instagram).

Pictured Here: Roasted Eggplant and Chickpea Soup at Haven

I couldn’t be the only one not eating, so I ordered a cup of their soup of the day “Roasted Eggplant and Chickpea”. It was nice and hearty! It came with a serving of their freshly baked bread.

Pictured Here: A guest book at Haven

Here we have an illustration in lieu of the average Joe’s contact information. Who needs a generic commentary on their experience at Haven?

Pictured Here: A side street in Great Barrington, MA

The Main Street of Great Barrington is full of cute Mom-and-Pop shops and little boutiques. I found the Americana Store by Tasha Polizzi to be the most noteworthy. Be sure not to leave without a tribal-poncho. You will regret it.

Pictured Here: The facade of Gypsy Joynt in Great Barrington, MA

While in town, Gypsy Joynt is a must-visit.

Pictured Here: The Interior at Gypsy Joint in Great Barrington, MA

It redefines the term “Sensory Overload”. Check out the view from the entrance. Somewhere in there is a stage for live performances.

Pictured Here: Giant Cinnamon Rolls at Gypsy Joint

If their interior decorator wasn’t high at work, their baker sure was! They turn out cinnamon rolls so large they barely squeeze into an 8×10″ box. I made sure to pick one up for my Dad along with an assortment of their inflated psychedelic cookies. He likes pastries… He really likes giant pastries. All the more to love.

Pictured Here: The counter at Gypsy Joint Great Barrington, MA

They have an interesting system where you order your things at the counter, pay and sit down at a table with a number until you are served. I haven’t experienced this since frequenting pubs in the UK. Somehow they nail the delivery without a numbered sign!

Pictured Here: The sun setting over The Berkshires, MA

 After our adventure in town, the sun was going down. It was almost show time as we made our way back to The Kemble Inn.

Pictured Here: Entering Lenox, MA

 There was more and more delicious foodies to follow our big day of adventures in the mountains.

Pictured Here: A glorious cheese and charcuterie spread at The Kemble Inn

The after party was hosted by Rumpy’s (short for Rumpelstiltskin’s) located around the corner. What the bartenders lacked in personality (general all around courtesy) they made up for with freshly popped popcorn and lava lamps. Who doesn’t love a good lava lamp?

Pictured Here: Rumpy's Lava Lamp Insta'd

If you’re coming there for an after party or the venue seems out of the ordinarily busy, keep an eye on your belongings. If you lose anything the bartender likes to point and laugh. He looks a bit like Rumpelstiltskin himself actually.

Pictured Here: Rumpy's in Full Force!

In spite of my mishap with a blazer that went MIA, I’d go back in a heartbeat if not to dance around that pole again… Whoops!

Pictured Here: Two eggs over-easy of course!

I worked up a healthy appetite for the next day! My selection wasn’t as exciting on day two. However I was equally excited to wake up to my freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, my granola parfait and lots and lots and lots of coffee. The fluffilicious-pancakes did my life wonders! Really, I was a better person for them.

Pictured Here: Fluffalicious Pancakes at The Kemble Inn

This trip to The Berkshires was certainly a delightful experience. There is something really special about a destination wedding. Not only do you get to see your friends on the happiest day of their lives, but you share a sentimental experience in one of their favorite places on earth. Luckily, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing this many times during my official “Tour de Bridesmaid” in the last half a decade.

I do hope I’ll be back to The Berkshires one day, if not Lenox perhaps to spa with the stars at Canyon Ranch. Who am I kidding? They don’t serve alcohol on premise. Ba ha ha ha!

Yours Always and Forever,


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