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Z Plage – Cannes, France


I remember being excited about my first 100 Twitter followers. Now creeping slightly over 1,000, I get excited when I have some legit conversations (via tweets) and the occasional shout-out. PeanutPimpMama began blogging in 2012 and has had to explore avenues of exposing the “PPM brand”. Twitter has been most successful bringing in PPM’s very first invites for reviews and some blog-love.  It served as a useful tool when I started gathering info. for my Riviera trip this past summer. I searched hashtags high and low and googled my little heart out for new and exciting experiences.

The iconic Hotel Martinez (located on the Promenade de la Croisette) was one of the places that came up as a historical must-see in Cannes. Evidently back in the 20’s (PPM’s favorite decade) it was purchased by Emmanuel Martinez (Italian 20 year old famous hotelier) who’s idea was to construct the largest art-deco (also a favorite period of design for PPM) structure on the French Riviera. He succeeded in 14 months and the hotel proceeded to host many famous people over the years.

The Martinez was incredibly responsive with their tweets but whoever is handling their PR is slightly misinforming. tisk tisk** (Shame on you Hyatt!) Initially lured in by their pier, I was told these blue seats were sat on a first-come first-served basis (or otherwise free). As it turned out, those seats were only for hotel guests (not up for rental) and my intentions of not staying there were made perfectly clear since I was just passing through town. What looked VIP was indeed VIP, and all of the tweets I shared with Hotel Martinez had me set up for great disappointment.

The day I arrived at Martinez I was curious to see what all the hype was about. I went for a gander inside and finally out to the “stunning” pool. Their website makes it look like a heavenly-oasis only to find out it’s a glorified puddle with surrounding loungers. Who needs that when you have the sea? Homegirl aint’ got time for that.
After the bad lounger-news, I settled at the Zbar overlooking Zplage which happens to be the largest private beach in Cannes. My then travel buddy and I were presented with a menu of cocktails and wines we had recently been educated on thanks to La Nuit en Rosé. I decided to sip a frosty beverage instead as we knocked one back and devised a plan. (Pictured Above: Feelgood Colada-Rhum blanc, rhum brun, ananas, banane, jus de mangue and coco)-You just can’t turn down a drink named “Feelgood Colada”, n’est-ce pas? Even without an umbrella or hammock (any stressful elements combined) this cocktail brought me a brief moment of zen, a true calm in the storm. Besides, how can one be miserable on the French Riviera anyway? It’s just NOT REAL! ZPlage- resto has a really nice food menu as well, but we devoured a bowl of nuts, (gratuit). #magiccocktail #zen #peacemaker

It wasn’t until the second glass of pink stuff that we decided to surrender to the beach lady at ZPlage who haggled us at the entrance for ALL-THE-EUROS. So the loungers might be a million euros to rent but that’s why we were there in the first place, n’est-ce pas? Their system was fascinating as we watched the position of the sun change that afternoon. If you get there early you’re looking at spending the full 120.00 (#obvs). Catch them in the afternoon and you’re charged half the fee with some negotiation over the first row vs. second row in from the water (for 85 euros). The second row back seems like a good idea until the sun sets and you find yourself squiggling around trying to catch some rays while regretting your second-class decisions. I became jealous of the first-rowers. They have this system down. It’s all business here at the Hotel Martinez.

Eventually everyone left the plage and the DJ started playing the most perfect beats for sundown. In spite of the clear miscommunication, I loved every second of my experience at Zplage and bar. I miss my tan and summer…Good things always happen in the summertime.


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“Personally, I’d be perfectly happy to just call it a day and fuck off to the nearest hammock and a frosty boat drink with an umbrella in it. “- Anthony Bourdain 

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