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The Banoffee Cuppie ~ Available for Orders (inquire within)


 Introducing: The Banoffee Cuppie

By day four I was inspired to do some baking. I decided I’d make some use of the kitchen in the flat once more. The only thing standing in my way was the lack of (real) oven and some baking utensils. One of the really awesome things about Highbury-Islington is all the ways you can dispense your dollars. I decided that I would head on over to Gill Wing Cookshop on Upper Street and fill my void. There I picked up a French whisk and small cupcake pan along with some beautiful cupcake papers that had assorted patterns and floral designs. It was quite the inspiring container.


What to bake…I suddenly had this genius idea to make banoffee cuppies. What could be more English? I had yet to run into any banoffee pies in the last couple of days and it’s the one type of pie that doesn’t require actual baking. Not to mention the ingredients are simple and inexpensive. (PeanutPimpMama likes that.)


I started with some McVitie’s digestives. (Don’t even get me going on sweet biscuits!? These get a pass since they have grains in them.) I picked the chocolate backed ones because, why not? The truth is I’ve always had a major weakness for these and I can plow through a pack like a total monster. I found a tidy way to smash them up in a plastic bag and stirred the crumbs with melted butter in a small pot.


I then lined my cupcake tray with my new found decorative wrappers and smushed this mix into the little compartments. Within a half an hour I had mini floral papered pie crusts. I let those sit in the fridge while I worked on the cuppie filling.

Pictured Here: Condensed Milk for Dulce de leche

The caramel: I never realized how easy this would be! I literally poured the condensed milk into a small pot with brown sugar to create this magnificent sauce. It caramelizes and you stir in banana bits and voila. C’est tout!

Pictured Here: Home made caramel

 Mmm Cream-A-Licious caramel.

Pictured Here: Banana Slices

Oh yeah, just like that…


This part is not rocket ship science… The mix above was poured into my McVitie’s biscuit crusts which were patiently awaiting my attention in the fridge.

192Then it was time to put my brand new French whisk to use. It helped me create the fluffiest whipped cream you ever did see!

Pictured Here: Fluffy whipped cream

Oh la la! Don’t you just want to jump in there and make whip-cream angels??

Pictured Here: The Banoffee Cuppie

Basically my recipe only yielded enough cuppies that would equate to one pie. I guess I had about ten of them in the end. I had one (of course) Then I gave a couple to the Airbnb host Ziya for being such a doll. Lastly I took a couple on the road with me to my next destination, The Blakes in Chelsea. My taxi driver really seemed to enjoy his “tip” of Banoffee cuppie and his PeanutPimpMama business card. I told him he could get more where that came from! One by one I shed Banoffee cuppies here and there for the next couple of days… I would say they were a major success.

(PeanutPimpMama Cuppies: The British Addition)


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The Punkin Cuppie (2013 addition)~ Available for Orders (inquire within)~ (All Things Pumpkin 2013)


Introducing: The “Punkin” Cuppie 2013 Addition (Buttered Pecan Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Icing)

In the beginning, God Created Pumpkins.

And God said, “Let there be cupcakes.” Then there were “Punkin” Cuppies and he saw that it was good.

And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds.” And it was so. And God made the beasts of the earth, and everything that creeps on the ground according to its kind. They stole many cooling Cuppies off the kitchen table, and God saw that it was good.

So God created man in his own image.

And God said, Behold, I have given you every pumpkin yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth. You shall have them for food… So the baking began. They ate ALL of PeanutPimpMama’s Cuppies. Bastards. (It was only the second day…)

~PeanutPimpMama (Inspired by Genesis: 1 ESV)

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PeanutPimpMama @ The Hunt 2013~ A Mexican Fiesta!

peanutpimpmamaIt’s autumn again and that means another year at The Hunt in Far Hills, NJ. This steeple chase race is held every October and attracts people from all over the Tri-State area to raise money for one of the most highly regarded Cancer units in the state, Somerset Medical Center. While we all have our own reasons to attend this event albeit equestrian enthusiasm, the passionate love for large hairy animals, Hunter boots, beer-pong and themed tail gating parties…We’re all in it together supporting a very important cause.

Picture Here: The Hunt Cozy

This was officially my second year attending The Hunt, and it certainly won’t be my last.

My cousin’s friend organizes the group every year and picks a theme for her lot. Last year’s theme was New Orleans Mardis Gras and so I did what I do… I baked some New Orleans inspired Cuppies. (Note the color scheme and beads pictured above.) They were “totes a hit”.

This year’s theme was “Mexican Fiesta”. As soon as we arrived (at 10:00am) the mini bar was all prepared with all of the Mexican Fiesta beverages you could dream of.

We started the morning off with some champagne and breakfast sandwiches and kept the energy flowing with some Mexican Coffees!

Pictured Here: Jalapeno Prickly Pear Margarita

And more margaritas…

To truly get into the spirit of things, there was some necessary attire requirements.

It’s not exactly a Mexican pancho…A for effort?

Pictured Here: Cousin Kristen's Peppers

There was also some Mexican fare to be had.

Special Guest Appearances at THE HUNT 2013 Included:

“Donkey Man”

“Pepe Diablo Rojo”

“Festive Boot Lady”

“Some Survivors of The Hunt 2012”

While staying true to our theme, this year’s cuppies were a bit on the alternative side incorporating Mexican Flavors and a lot of heat. (Our crowd likes heat.) I knew an avocado-chocolate cake base with an Ancho Chili Pepper Cream cheese icing would do the trick. How this came to be? I mixed and matched a couple of recipes and was pretty happy about the outcome!

Ze Ingredients:

To birth these cuppies you will need the following: 3 cups whole wheat or all-purpose flour, 6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 2 teaspoons baking soda, 2 cups granulated sugar, 2 medium avocados, 3 large eggs, 3/4 cup milk, 3/4 cup canola, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, and 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Ze Directions:

So, I set my oven to 375° F. As my Dad would say, “Make sure you sift all of your dry ingredients!” A lot of sifting I did! As I set the dry ingredients aside I started on my wets beginning with my avocados. As I smashed them into my bowl I got a bit sad I wasn’t turning them into guacamole, seeing as PeanutPimpMama’s guacamole is quite legendary. I took this lovely green mush and blended in the eggs, oil, vinegar, milk and vanilla. My eyes began to confuse my brain with this activity. Into the Kitchen-aid it went in all of its green-ish fabulousness. I slowly began to crack my three large eggs into this mix while blending on med-low speed. Last but not least, my dry ingredients and my wet ingredients became one. They baked for 20 minutes and change…

Ze Icing Ingredients:

1 teaspoon ground Ancho chile pepper, 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 4 cups of confectionary sugar (or more as needed), 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese (softened),  1/2 cups butter (softened), 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, and of course… SLAP YA MAMA (original cajun seasoning- as needed)

 Ze Directions:

Once more, sift your dry ingredients all together in one bowl. Smush up your cream cheese and your butter until soft…Or stick it in your blender with your vanilla extract. To avoid creating a Hiroshima mushroom cloud, I would deposit the confectionary sugar bit by bit. (PPM Tip: Always double the icing ingredients. Nothing is more anxiety inducing than running out of icing. No Cuppie must be left behind!) After all of this wonderful stuff is spinning round and round I would season to taste. The measured amount was a bit too gentle for me. I wanted these cupcakes to burn tongues, or come close.

Overall I think the cuppies were a big hit.

Taste Tester Comments:

“This cupcake is boldly spicy.” ~ Bill’s Brother

“This cupcake is dense, rich, spicy, decadent… But not hot spicy, warm spicy.”~ Cousin Kristen

Pictured Above: A cupcake eating disorder. Some people can’t be trusted.

It was a day of Sophisticated Sportsmanship and Equestrian Enthusiasts for most…

For others it was a day of heated debate.

Proof we actually saw some horses racing too!

Until Next Year!


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Pictured Here: A Mexican Fiesta Cuppie!

The “Elvis” Cuppie~ Available for Orders (inquire within)


Introducing: The Elvis Cuppie!

What is The Elvis? Where did it come from? Why is it the most fantastic invention on earth? How does it make a perfect cupcake?

There is just something about peanut butter that brings me right back to childhood, myself and every other American.

There is a place called The Arcade Restaurant (the oldest) in Memphis, TN. It was founded in 1919 and rebuilt as what you see today in 1925. The restaurant is “something out of a movie” and in fact has been featured in multiple films.

It seems to be a technicolored dream when you walk into this establishment with it’s brightly colored 1950’s motif.

I was there last February (road trip down south) when I saw “Fried Peanut Butter N’ Banana” sandwich on the menu. It was love at first sight. This is the place where the magic happened and PeanutPimpMama bought her very first Elvis! Their menu didn’t say “Elvis”, but this sandwich is referred to by name of “The King” since he loved them and is often falsely accused of the invention.


It turns out he was just a dedicated enthusiast often enjoying them in the confines of his own home “Graceland”.

We had to take this meal on the run since there was a lot of sightseeing ahead. This sandwich weighed about five pounds alone and dared to come with a generous side order of fries. (Like that was necessary or even humanly possible to consume.) Instantly I remembered having a convo about this sandwich in gym class with my classmate in the 9th grade. There it was, finally after fifteen years staring me right in the face with it’s buttery crunchy toasted edges and chunky peanut butter and banana guts erupting from within. I needed rubber gloves to attack this. I felt dirty.

Next stop was the Lorraine Motel, where sadly America lost one of its greatest activists and leaders in the African-American Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr.

The Lorraine Motel (Now a National Civil Rights Museum) offers tours to inform visitors about MLK’s life history, activism and sadly his parting with this earth in 1968 when he was assassinated on site.

 It was a gorgeous day out and the hotel offered a great spot to picnic on the lawn and last but not least, to enjoy my “Elvis” and watch the local passersby.

This fond memory became the inspiration of my Elvis Cuppies: Banana cake with chunky peanut butter centers and Fluffernuter icing garnished with a banana chip.

Not much lighter than the sandwich itself, these cupcakes have it all. The moist banana cake and decadent peanut butter centers with their ooey gooey frosting are sure to impress. The Elvis Cuppie guarantees a trip down to the deep dirty south with every bite. Need I say more? (Rubber Gloves Not Included)

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The “Punkin” Cuppie~ Available for Orders (inquire within)


Introducing: The Punkin Cuppie!

Punkin Cuppie Batter

It was late October, and we were up state in Rhinebeck, NY on our yearly family vacation. My boyfriend and I had stayed a day later than my parents, and they messaged for us to come home ASAP due to a possible state of emergency. Sandy was tearing up the coastline of my beloved state within 24 hours. We lost electricity within one hour after it all began and by the second day we had to resort to our brand new generator especially purchased for this disastrous event. That broke down on day three, and with no electricity for two weeks it was safe to say we were pretty put out. The NJtransit Coastline was heavily obstructed by the devastation making it impossible to get to work for commuters. However we had to count ourselves lucky after hurricane Irene flooded our house with two feet of water the previous year. While Sandy did her damage we were left to sit tight.

Pictured Here: Punkin Cuppies- Fresh out  the oven'PeanutPimpMama did what she does best. Inspired by Dad’s recent trip to the grocery store for Thanksgiving inspired comfort-dinner ingredients, I baked pumpkin flavored cuppies to stick with the theme. What is a Thanksgiving inspired meal without something pumpkin flavored to end it? Truth is I had wanted to make pumpkin flavored cupcakes for ages, but I was short an oven since our big move out of NYC last July. Not having an oven tends to get in the way of baking.

We hit the grocery store like a SWAT team that day in search of our foodies with our generator running in shifts. We had to beat the clock in order to save fuel with the rationing going on. As I was on my way out of the local Matawan Stop N’ Shop on Rte. 34, I found pumpkin candied almonds which made for a perfect cupcake garnish! I figured cheating is allowed during hurricanes… Right?

Pictured Here: Punkin Cuppies (Iced)With limited outlets to work with, the batter was completely blended by hand (old-school style) with a wooden spoon. What do you know, but as soon as I had all of the batter spooned into the papers our oven would not turn on. It was a mystery since all of the rest of the electrical appliances seemed to be running off the generator just fine!

Rest assured Mom saved the day (and the cuppies) with the genius idea to head over to the neighbor’s house we sit for. It just so happens that they fly south to FL for the winter and the coast was clear. We snuck in, preheated and hung out for 30 minutes to make sure the cupcakes were actually cooked and that there was no trace of the oven borrowing incident. SShhh*

Pictured Here: Punkin Crash Test Cuppie

I was told the cake part was one of my best ever sans electric hand mixer. When the cupcakes cooled I spooned two large dollops of cream cheese icing on top, and finished off with a candied almond et enfin, a light shimmy of cinnamon dust. Voila! Sandy may have been detrimental to my state, but it gave our family some much needed quality time and an opportunity for an early Thanksgiving since we ended up missing “The Real Deal” while in London. Shame, we really had a lot to give thanks for this year.

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 Dad’s Home Cooked Meal:

 Pictured Here: Hors d'oeuvres, Triscuit base alternated with habanero cheddar from Rhinebeck, NY, spicy olives and hoummous       

~ PeanutPimpMama


The “Daddia” Cuppie-Triple Chocolate Goodness!~ Available for Orders (inquire within)

Introducing the “Daddia” Cupcake: Triple Chocolate Goodness!

(That melts in your mouth… not anywhere else)

My first sale and request for cupcakes was from my Dad.  Every business starts out somewhere!  It was the middle of July, the most innapropriate time for such an indulgent creation….and it was just in time for our family beach vacay in Cape May, New Jersey!  He requested a super chocolately cupcake with chocolate chips in the batter, chocolate fudge inside with chocolate icing.  So, I put together the most chocolately concoction I could think of.  This batch of cupcakes had almost an entire container of unsweetened cocoa in the base along with about three sticks of melted butter. I felt fatter and even more un-ready for my bathingsuit just getting my ingredients together!

After I blended all of my wet ingredients they started to form a beautiful fluffy chocolate-mouse-like substance turned velvety by the generous addition of flour.  This batter alone was mouth watering.  When I finally reached the desired consistency, (and end of my dry ingredients) I was careful to not overbeat the batter.  Finally, I mixed in my mini chocolate chips before spooning batter into their paper cupcake wrappers pictured below.

I had an interesting experience baking this time around having left one of my cupcake trays in NJ.  As a fellow “New-Jersian turned pseudo Manhattanite”  I have always had a problem since moving back to NY in 2008: living a life in limbo of the misplaced and forgotten belongings (between house and apt.) due to the temptations of free storage in NJ (called my bedroom), and overpriced real estate lacking any form of storage here in NYC.

So, there I was with the thicker guage of my two trays left on hand in the sweaty dungeon called my kitchen apt., and the better of my two sitting on my parents table in NJ.  This recipe happening to be the richest recipe known to man kind, kept failing the toothpick test even after the advised 25 minutes at 350 degrees!  I had to re-load them a couple times in five minute increments as I continued to watch them carefully.

As the cupcakes came out in heats and I started to make the ganache to kill time.  What can I say besides more butter, sugar and cocoa!  I was initially scared by the loose consistency fearing I was missing some sort of ingredient.  I realized later that the trick was “refrigeration before application”.

When I started baking and cooking for the first time (in a very long and overdue time) I began to realize the trials and tribulations of doing so in a NYC kitchen.  It requires a lot of patience, but mostly creativity and effective useage of space.  Being the former Parsons Paris art student that I am, these were not serious issues for me.  In fact I amused myself thinking about what the neighbors had running through their minds as I turned our living room window ledge into a photography studio/combination “cuppie cooling rack” pictured here.  Did they wonder why I was meticulously stacking and piling cuppies and creating my own backdrops while waiting for the perfect time of day for ideal lighting?  With our lack of living-room window treatments did we make them scoff with our “Domestic Goddess Monday” night dinners held around our Bob’s furniture pop-up table?  Ah these are the times to remember…

Filling the Daddia’s with ganache was tedious and messy.  I took a small knife and cut out the centers and filled each ditch with a glob of chocolate with a small dessert spoon.  After a couple hours in the fridge the once oozey chocolate had now turned into fudge that required a firm hand with an occassional plopping action.  After each hole was filled the lid was firmly secured in  place to disguise the spadework.

Sadly the heat wave had caused my ganache to once again turn into chocolate soup.  You can imagine how many times I took this bowl of ganache in and out of the fridge…

Last but not least: After all of the chocolate cuppies had been filled with chocolate ganache (turned soup)…it was time to make the chocolate icing!  As I’ve mentioned before I love using cream cheese (in life), but particularly any icing I make.  Just to assure these cuppies would turn out with no less than “PeanutPimpMama Standard” I made sure to get a pack and a half of Philadelphia into the mix with the remnance of cocoa powder I had left.  In this case it was a matter of “the more cocoa the better” since this recipe was hardly about holding back on anything…let alone CHOCOLATE.

When I was done icing the Daddias, there were more than I had expected.  Since the order was for only one dozen, I made sure to make some rounds to spread the PeanutPimpMama love.

Since the cuppies had to make it home safe and sound to Matawan (and later all the way down to the Cape), and I had an overabundance of them which would be a challenge to transport in the Mini Cooper with a shortage of hands.  In efforts to lighten my load, I made sure to give them to the people who would appreciate them most.  PeanutPimpMama hopes to change the world one cuppie at a time with her upcoming philanthropic venture “Project Cupcake.”  Stay tuned for more details!

In the end, the Daddias were a true success!  They made their first appearances for sampling on the streets of Manhattan on the UES and Chelsea on July 21st, later at Peculier Pub ( as well as Congress Hall ( where the cuppies were tasted by singer/songwriter Audrey Snow in the well known Brown Room!

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“The 12-step chocoholics program: NEVER BE MORE THAN 12 STEPS AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE!”

Confetti Cupcakes ~ Available for Orders (inquire within)

All my life I have loved confetti cupcakes. We all know how they can bring you right back to second grade in a heartbeat. I love them so much that my cousin even baked my 26th birthday cake with “Funfetti”. I was definitely the only 26 year old in a bowling alley having a “bowling party” with a rainbow chip cake that year. There’s just something so magical about all of those little rainbow colored chips in the batter and something about them that just never tastes quite… well, cooked.

One of the customers came into work with some confetti cupcakes a couple weeks ago. Instantly I was inspired and excited to make these at home and somehow find a way to improve them. Using Father’s Day as an excuse (because my Dad loves sweets) I got right to it! Unable to get my hands on actual confetti (round) sprinkles, I substituted with good old fashioned ice cream Jimmies.  Adding the Jimmies was the most exciting part of this recipe obviously. The rainbow was hypnotizing as the blender hit the batter.

I was quite shocked at how dense melting Jimmies made it when attempting to scoop batter into the cupcake wrappers. I was afraid for the over-beaten consistency, but in the end they came out of the oven like fluffy little Jerry-Garcia explosions.

While trying to figure out how to get that special Duncan-icing-like flavor, I added an entire package of Philadelphia cream cheese to the mix and that seemed to do the trick. Normally I use a pastry bag to apply my icing, but the consistency was so nice and thick I was able to use my icing spatula for application. Instead of adding the Jimmies to the icing as well, I topped them off with nonpareils because they are prettier – fact.




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