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Del Posto – Meatpacking District, NYC

Oh the holidays! WPeanutPimpMama1-300x300e finally have a chance to sit back and relax with a couple of bevvies and watch as people become less and less appropriate and more and more full of “merriment”. While event coordinating has always been a huge element to my life over the years, this holiday season was extra special as I had the liberty of party planning with Del Posto. A big fan of Mario Batali and Italian food in general, I was elated to finally to dine at one of the country’s best Relais & Chateaux restaurants located right here in NYC.


The experience:

When you enter Del Posto you can’t not be impressed by the dimensions of the towering space. Our guests were greeted by the most welcoming staff and copious amounts of prosecco (Flor, Prosecco NV Veneto). I was pleased with the newly refurbished Barbaresco room (downstairs level) where our event was held. It was softly lit and the dark wood contrasting with the crisp white linens and leather chairs created a perfect canvas for the enticing (and photogenic) meal ahead. I was excited to see bottles of white and red wines generously topped off as guests convened and a buzz slowly filled the air.


The first plate served was the Antipasto course, an “Insalata Autunnale” composed of Slow Roasted Tubers, Mustard Greens & Foglie di Noce. Much more substantial than your typical green salad, it was a nice warm way to start off the meal on this cold and rainy afternoon. It was cozy! (PeanutPimpMama loves all-things-cozy.)


For our mains, “Secondi”  we had the choice of a sea bass prepared with chestnuts, chicories and salsify or a succulent cut of NY strip steak with charred onion salad and eggplant alla Pizzaiola. (below)


The bass was divine, but by the time I got around to trying a bite of my friend’s strip steak I was chewing for quite a while.


Finally it was dolce time! The absolutely perfect slice of fig jam crostada arrived à la mode with Fiore di Latte Gelato and Aceto Balsamico drizzle. It was a perfect note to end this seasonally influenced meal without feeling like you were going to explode from pure gluttony.

imageLast but not least… A sophisticated plate of assorted biscotti were presented at the center of the tables. These were necessary since it was “coffee time” for some but not for most as the bubbles and chitter-chatter among tables continued to flow.

Del Posto Bartender

What would a proper holiday party be without after-party drinks? As our guests left the Barbaresco room the stragglers were welcomed up to the bar on the main level where we were presented with an extensive wine and cocktail list. While the knowledgeable bartenders can sell you on some fine Italian wines, we opted for a classic bubbly creation indigenous to Venezia- The Bellini.

Del Posto Bellinis

These easy sippers were quite a production to make. Fresh peach purée and a river of prosecco were combined in a magical mixing jar. After a few waves of a wand they were elegantly presented in two frosty flutes for our enjoyment. Totally worth the forty dollars après  an entire afternoon of pure decadence!


Overall this was an impeccable experience full of delicious cuisine, professionalism and quality. I would only hope to have another event here one day. Please keep in mind that Del Posto is not a shot bar. I’m still trying to find out where all of this tequila came from!

Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!

<3 PeanutPimpMama

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