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La Nuit en Rosé – The Hornblower Infinity Yacht, NY NY

photoI can’t help but think of how funny it is that American’s have suddenly discovered avocados, Mexico, and rosé wines. I would say the average person’s college experience with Franzia, Paul Mason and Sutter Home has left some residual scar tissue behind. It seems we have turned a new leaf and the south of France is giving the U.S.A. the hard-sell on some of the country’s finest pink-vins. How are they doing that you ask? By joining forces with NYC’s luxury cruise-liners and responsibly containing hundreds of passengers with unlimited pink-sips and very light appetizers for four hours straight. All you need is an overworked crowd, unlimited booze on a rocky ship and you got yourselves a situation.

IMG_9034My friend and I have a bit of experience in hospitality and we were quite surprised at the set up of this event. It’s almost advantageous to turn up late and avoid being corralled into a garage with 300 people. The hot and steamy summer weather leaves one a bit parched by the time they get to the entrance. It is here that the glasses await you.


We had some overcast skies and a light rain shower to welcome us on board. After being herded like cattle for an hour, the overhead spritz was oddly refreshing. The ship left from pier 40 near Houston and wrapped around the financial district. We had a nice view of the Trade Center and an epic skyline.


La Nuit en Rosé was quite literal since the food situation happened to be a bit scarce. (Never a good thing.) Pictured above: A sample of wine, cheese by Artisanal, Israeli cous cous salad, salmon salad and bread. I feel a bit queasy thinking about this moment still. It stayed with me for a while.

IMG_9049That random duck bruschetta tho…

IMG_9053As the night came to a close, the only sustenance left was an olive oil tasting station. It was like something out of the zombie apocalypse as people (barely able to walk) crawled up to the counter to dip the last crumbs of the bread basket in assorted oil flavors. Finger-lickin’ good!

IMG_9036The DJ started pumping as the sun went down and the lower level turned into a discotheque! The great selection of commercial house took me back to my younger days on the Riviera. It was a little precursor to my travels ahead. Unce unce unce (PeanutPimpMama Fist Pumps*)

IMG_9058It was all-class in the back of that boat as the magnums came out to play.


Didn’t get to bust out your pink outfit as planned? Rest assured, the experience is complete with free accessories! (Pictured Above: A saucy passenger ports her free sunglasses complimentary of LNR.) It’s better than your average bar mitzvah. La Nuit en Rosé- Cause you need more reasons to drink pink wine on a boat? Just stay out of those bathrooms.

Keep Sippin. ~PPM


(Disclaimer: Eat before you get onboard! Best to stay away from the Meatpacking District as tempted as you may be by proximity. You never know what kind of stale pizza the acquired company may lead you to.)

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Ladurée – SOHO, NYC

PeanutPimpMama1-300x300I saw the movie The Secret Garden when I was a small child. I believe that was way back in 1987 when I was a wee-little kindergartner suffering through many evenings of latchkey. While rooftops bring a majestic summertime option to “The Big Apple”, my next favorite spaces of which to fill my belly would be in the hidden gardens of NYC. These tiny gems are very special places tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the concrete jungle. I recently ventured out to one which was owned and operated by the famous Parisian Ladurée in SOHO. To my dismay the service was a far cry from the atmosphere. After all, snooty service doesn’t work sans L’Arc du Triumph nearby. The “Freedom Tower” doesn’t have quite the same effect.

imageWith mom in town for her birthday weekend, I really had my hopes up for a special experience since Ladurée carries so much nostalgia for me. The silver lining- the consistency of the food standards… Nice omelette.



Pictured Above: Cousin Erika visits PeanutPimpMama in Paris- 2007

I had specifically requested garden seating and the tall lanky model-type hostess made it apparent that she was too busy to deal with my request. Isn’t that what they pay her the big bucks for? After standing around for a bit, we were finally ushered to the back of the venue and through the lush dining room to be seated on the terrace (not in the garden). A couple of lost servers and busboys scurried about until finally one was flag-able. We were assured someone would be right with us but I’m not certain where the help was commuting from. It took at least 25 minutes to be greeted, forget about taking our order!

imageIt took another 25 minutes to acquire a drinks list (pictured above).


In the time it took to retrieve the boissons list and order, I could have had three martinis. It seems to be one of those communistic-restaurant setups where everyone pools tips. Often times people get lazy and expect the next person to pull their weight. In the end the quality of service and overall experience suffers for it. When one (wo)man is in charge of their own tables they stay on top of their game. #TRUTH. The martini pictured above is one of their seasonal rose cocktails I had seen plastered all over Instagram. The Maî·tre d’ referred to them as “One of our new bébés”. It’s a marvelous drink. I wish they didn’t serve it to me 3/4 of the way full. For $20.00 I made sure to return the beverage for an appropriate pour. I witnessed the bartender peering over the crowd demanding to know, “Who returned this drink exactly?” (PPM raises her hand*) After a bunch of bottles were slammed into the rail a new drink appeared. Voila* It was still a bit short, but better than served with a saliva-floater!

imageShocked by the whole scenario, mom and I made sure to introduce ourselves to the Maitre D’ Delfi. She’s a spunky little lady all buttoned up with a pixie cut and a swift walk. After listening to two disgruntled Americans talk over each other about the afternoon, Delfi tried as hard as she could to appear sympathetic. She sent out a special dessert for my mom and assured us that our next “ex-peer-rey-ance” at Ladurée will be much better if we ask for her. She made mention that she is a mommy too and therefore understands our “see-chew-ay-see-on”. Delfi really should have comped our meal or got us a round on the house (for serious). No one received gratuity that day- “TRUE EURO STYLE”. That’s a first to go down in PeanutPimpMama’s history.

This was the longest and most difficult brunch of my life.


(PeanutPimpMama has a cry. Sniff*)


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