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Roof Garden Café and Martini Bar @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art- Upper East Side, NYC

photoOne of my favorite things to wake up to is an inbox full of emails with “Best of Rooftops” from the likes of Thrillist and Time Out Magazine. Today I bring you one very special rooftop that has a little something for everyone, including those who seek out the finer things in life and appreciate a little “cult-cha” temps en temps. I was on a mission to see The Roof Garden Café  at The Met when a yellow cab video convinced me that I NEEDED to see the new installation by the artist Pierre Huyghe. As someone with an arts degree, I’d like to think that I have an open mind and can be capable of deep-thoughts and thinking outside the box. I have definitely been guilty of coloring outside the lines…

imageBefore heading to the rooftop for my treat, it was important to pay my artistic dues. It was hard to miss “Perseus with the head of Medusa” who not only proved to be a good landmark for navigating through The Met, but also a tad startling to peer at. Those dimensions “tho”: Overall (confirmed): H. 95 1/2 x W. 75 1/2 x D. 40 1/2 in. (242.6 x 191.8 x 102.9 cm)

imagePeanutPimpMama has a great appreciation for the old things. She likes to pretend she was Mary Antoinette in a past life, except that she got to eat the cake. (She didn’t share it either.)


After looking at artifacts from all over the world we made our way to the elevator with the other excited museum-a-neers. To our surprise we arrived on the roof to find quite a sight for sore eyes. This installation included dismantled rooftop tiles with a tank placed arbitrarily and chillin’ off to the far right corner. This tank was special “tho”. It seemed to have a meteor rock-like formation inside surrounded by magical waters. When you get close you see lots of little creatures inside including baby horseshoe crabzies crawling about with their creepy little legs. People stand mystified by the big rock in a fish tank as they video tape and photograph the cloudy waters which clear up to reveal aquatic life forms once every thirty seconds. This murky crustacean bath somehow captivates the audience with all of these CRABZIES.


What really made this installation a lot more interesting: They have really worked on The Roof Garden’s offerings since my last visit. What used to be a limited selection of wines and domestic bottled beers has turned in to a full-on cocktail party with specialized vats of juicy goodness ready to be combined with a spirit of your choice ($15.00 + tip) or served “virgin” style ($6.00 + tip) for those just looking for pure refreshment. Pictured Above: PeanutPimpMaMa sips the “Cypress”- Blackberry-Lime Shrub, Pomegranate with Canadian Club Whisky. Did I mention the pour was generous?

imageThe downfall is that you’re paying $15.00 on another rooftop in Manhattan for a drink in a plastic cup. The bright side- The bartenders have quite a heavy hand with their pour and you’re drinking on  rooftop in Manhattan overlooking Central Park. If you’re hungry they have overpriced snacks to match! That view “tho”…PRICELESS.

You can’t make this up.


<3 PeanutPimpMama (a DEEP thinker).


Pictured Above: “PPM zinks deep zoughts wis ze zinker” @ Musée Rodin Rodin 2007

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The Greek Kitchen- Midtown West, NYC


So all these years you thought you had to leave THE-island for “Proper Greek Food”. Well ASS-toria we’re taking it back! For the last 15 years The Greek Kitchen has been providing Midtown-West with traditional Greek food “on fleek” with fresh ingredients and a bit of flare. PeanutPimpMama was excited when a mysterious PR man tweeted to request a foodie review. After all, this mature west-side establishment was serving up one of PPM’s favorite Mediterranean cuisines. The generous feeding finally took place and caused a pure foodie-coma with a belly and doggie-bag both bursting with leftover feast!

image The Greek Kitchen is located on the corner of 10th Avenue and 57th Street. They have an easily visible storefront which opens up for the summer season!

If you’re half as lucky as I was you’ll be greeted with warmth and a kind smile by the NY-born and Thessaloniki –raised partner George Pappas.  He made sure that PeanutPimpMama was watered properly with a bottle of BLINK prosecco-sparkling wine to start. This sexy label designed by the Greece’s Beetroot firm had me ready to pop onto the next plane to Mykonos. Its bottle screams “Let’s party” while pouring Brut-Moscato sophistication. I’d say that is design done well!


These bubbles were a light and airy precursor to the hearty appetizers pictured above. Clockwise: Tzatziki, Revithosalata (Hummus) and Melizanosalata- a trio which can be tweaked to your liking for the price of $14.00 “Pikilia” (3 spreads) or you can “go big or go home” for $18.00 with all 5 appetizer spreads called the “Silogi”. Both are served with a stack of warm and cozy pita bread as a vehicle for all of this “delisch”. To think on most days this is PeanutPimpMama’s dinner alone! #TrialsandtribulationsoflivinginManhattan.IMG_9012Then this mountain of fried zucchini chips called “Greek Piato” ($10.50) suddenly appeared alongside two very generous dollops of tzatziki. A dish that could easily go wrong was filled with delicate little slices fried to a golden hue and sprinkled with hints of oregano and sea salt. Somehow these savory little crisps were almost refreshing with the combination of the cool and creamy tzatziki and aromatic herbs. imageOur next dish really left a lasting impression on PPM’s soul. Pictured Above: “Feta Sousami” ($13.00)-pan fried feta encrusted with sesame seeds and topped with sauteed figs, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes and drizzled in a fig & Balsamic reduction. As George said, “The approach here was to have a little taste of everything, the sweet with the salty and so on.” It’s NOT ONLY PRETTY to look at, but a sophisticated alternative to the humdrum Saganaki I would have otherwise ordered. Trust me…I love me some salty cheese!

imageSince George knows how to keep his guests happy, he quickly reappeared with a bottle of white wine to fix our empty-glass status. As it turns out, The Greek Kitchen has an extensive list of Greek wines listed in order of light to full bodied along with a vast selection of micro-brews all ready to quench your thirst. This white wine called “Thyrsus” was very clean and not obtrusive, allowing all of the wholesome flavors of the appetizers to be thoroughly enjoyed.

The next dish that followed not only warmed my mouth but my heart. This dish is called the “Oktapadi Skaras” has quite the intimidating name for such a supple creature. Pictured Below: They’ve grilled our lil’ buddy in a red wine marinade along with some red onions and lemon juice. There is so much beauty in simplicity.imageThe last time I had octopus so tender and juicy was on my 30th birthday at the restaurant GILT (by Villard Michel Richard). They served it as one loooong tentacle on a plate and it cost way more than $16.00. I think I prefer my tentacles pre-cut and camouflaged.

imageSuddenly a small Greek salad was placed before us with a warning, “This is what is normally served along with an entrée.” George had serious plans ahead for PeanutPimpMama, so they began to clear the table.

imageThe first main presented was the Chicken Souvlaki ($15.00 pictured above). This colorful dish is a deconstructed chicken kebab, just sans the kebab with loads of delicious sides of Greek fried potato slices with sea salt and oregano, smoky red peppers and chunks of savory chicken.

imageLast but not least, George sent out a grilled striped bass served with lemon, olive oil and capers ($25.00). After this fishy was ready for his close-up he was escorted back to the kitchen and filleted for PPM’s enjoyment. Props and mad-credit go out to ma homies that can eat around fish bones. I don’t know how y’all do it. #MadFishySkillzOnPoint


This splendid main course was paired with yet another Greek wine called Staphylus (not contagious). This cabernet blend made with organic grapes was a great pairing for both dishes. I was amazed the fish was not lost in the flavor. Yet something magical happened with a bite of the chicken souvlaki and a little breathing time. What started out meek turned into a rustic flavor with blackberry and raspberry hints and a spicy finish.


Those lemon potatoes “tho”… HOLY.


I’m not going to lie. I asked for every Greek dessert they had on a plate. Most of them came home with me since I was busting at the seams. You can live on the edge like so, or there are ice cream and chocolate cake options for the less adventurous types.

image   Then it was “curtains” for PPM.


They thought this would help… Baahahahahahha!

imageCome eat delicious Greek food in a cozy family-oriented environment where you can stumble on a crawling baby, drink Ouzo, and see horses. Don’t eat meat? Ah that’s okay! They make a lamb! (You knew it was coming.)

image Tell them PeanutPimpMama sent you.


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