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PeanutPimpMama @ Smorgasburg – BK, New York

PeanutPimpMama1-300x300Once Upon a Time PeanutPimpMama awoke with a buzz. (Not that kind, or maybe?) It must have been all that excitement building up for months of hearing about Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. Today was finally the day to see it first hand. It was going to be extra special devouring all of the eats on Pier 5. However, I was particularly excited to help out at one of the newest and coolest Vendors- DUCK SEASON. That’s right, PPM’s first day at Smorgasburg and she was already V.I.P. working, swapping and eating to her hearts content.


Pictured Above: Where all the Duck Season magic happened.

imageThe concept is so simple yet brilliant- It’s all about the duck! There are some pretty awesome items available on Duck Season’s menu including: Their soon-to-be-famous Duck Confit, available with a sauce of your selection (marmalade and/or traditional duck sauce) along with the Seasonal Sandwich, Seasonal Sliders (better for sharing) and scrumptious double fried Duck Fat Potatoes lightly blessed by sea salt and rosemary. When I first arrived there was also a massive bin of Duck Rinds available. You gotta get on dat -ish #tho cause it literally FLIES! Both the duck rinds and potatoes are way too easy to pop and make such a great accompaniment for the rich duck offerings. Pictured Above: The Duck Confit with both the marmalade and traditional duck sauce with a heavenly duck fat potato on a stick.

imageAfter a beautiful day of working and popping lots of duck fat potatoes and duck bi-products, I decided to venture out for another snack. There was no way I could leave Smorgasburg without trying “The Bomb” at Big Mozz. All my friend had to say was “pesto injected fresh mozzarella ball” and I was instantly sold. This place is a new vendor at Smorgasburg as well and pretty dangerous! They make fresh mozz right out of the bowl in front of your very eyes! This Bomb exploded with pesto-ey goodness as to be expected. Not in the mood for an explosion per se? You can buy mini-balls (you can stab with sticks) and sauce for dipping on the side. If I learned anything that day, it’s that people seem to prefer smaller balls (sometimes on sticks) for sharing and handling purposes.


All the vendors are so fresh and exciting you could easily drop some dough getting greedy with all-the-things. The quality is seriously there and as far as I am concerned Smorgasburg is putting all the foodie-fleas to shame.What a solid afternoon of fun with foodie-friends!  If you haven’t checked out Smorgasburg yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. I certainly didn’t! PPM shall return.


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Saturdays in Williamsburg – 90 Kent Ave. (at N. 7th St.)
Sundays in Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 5

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Cape May Fish Market – Cape May- NJ

PeanutPimpMama1-300x300I ran a half marathon the other day and the truth is that I hadn’t run for about three weeks prior to that. My cousin and I had flown to L.A. to run in the Asics marathon in March. After my return I came down with a nice flu and lots of fun NYC weather combined with familial obligations kept me from my training routine. My knees needed the break and so did my mind. I had enough of feeling like a hamster on a treadmill all winter long. Now the nicer weather is finally here and all of the runners are hitting the pavement in Manhattan. Every single time I see one pass I think to myself, “What on earth possesses you to do that here, or in general?”


imageThere it is, real evidence that I showed up for the April Fool’s Half Marathon in A.C. (tutu and all). It was nice to be there with the sun shining. My last run in A.C. took place in the Fall and the area had turned into a “sight for sore eyes”. It’s clear that the economy has had a drastic impact on the city and I’m not a fan of being on the beach during the off-season in the first place. There is something dreary about it… It makes me a bit sad.

I was literally running on five hours of sleep with the commute from NYC the night before. I guess I have to be happy with my 20-second decrease in time. Oh those precious seconds that feel like all of eternity when you see that twelfth mile sign. It’s all good. When it was finished we took some silly pictures on the beach and I was able to gorge myself on tortilla chips, guac and salsa at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. While our free marathon bevvie was a Land Shark, I had to have a Margie at the after party. I never sipped a cocktail so slowly in my life.


Maybe I was too busy shoveling chips into my pie hole? All of those crystal covered salty tortilla chips sent me straight to salt-heaven! It’s not challenge for this girl to replace that mineral. (PeanutPimpMama <3’s Salt 4eva.) That guac tho… I could taste it all day.

imageThat evening my parents and I drove down the parkway (to exit 0) for an early dinner at The Cape May Fish Market located in the Washington Street Mall. I was excited to try their New England Clam Chowder and was instantly drawn to their Lobster Roll which gets many notable mentions online. The chowder did not let me down with it’s velvety texture that was choc full of clams, potato and hints of savoury bacon. The lobster roll, while accompanied by deliciously seasoned and chunky fries needed a little help in the lubrication department. I might be a bit spoiled by NYC lob-rolls, but the lobster was a bit chewy and the melted butter in my ramekin was flat. I feel like some type of aioli or mayo would have helped the situation…Butter the roll at least? Otherwise the slaw was solid but could have done with a sprinkle or two. After a bite of their buffalo shrimp my sources say that we might have caught them on an off day. Womp Womp* Times are tough on the shore when it’s not high-season. My Dad ordered the best dish of the day, the Fried Flounder Sandwich served on a kaiser roll with pickles and chips. For a refreshing starter take the wedge salad and skip out on the crustaceans…They aren’t cheap!


I need to go back in the Summer. I can’t wait for Cape May in the Summer. I can’t wait for Summer. Did I mention how much I love sunshine and Summer? No no really it’s true!

~PeanutPimpMama (Will Run 4 Foodies)

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Edmund’s Oast – Charleston, SC


I attended a lecture at The New School University called “The History and Ritual of Brunch” by the sociology professor Farha Ternikar. She informed us that brunch is one of the many things we can thank our forefathers for as it derived from the U.K. and was formerly known as a “Hunt Breakfast”, a tradition on the weekend for men (that hunt). As the Bloody Mary and Mimosa were developed during prohibition, brunch was a way for women to sneak in naughty-bevvies that were otherwise discouraged. These days it’s a meal that signifies status, class identity, and an aspirational experience for the bougie-wannabes. It’s also a fantastic cure for “the hang”.

The Experience:


Edmund Egan was an English-born brewer who came to Charleston in the 1760s and donated large amounts of money to the American Revolution. Oast is an old European term for a kiln used in the drying of hops. With a lot of tough competition out there, Edmund + Oast certainly gives any N.Y.C. brunches a run for the money with some fine Southern-Inspired fare! When you enter E-O you can’t help but look up. The restaurant is located in what seems to be a space where “Barn-house meets Industrial” -if that were a thing. They have made an interesting use of the space with a massive bar which accommodates the vast selection of beers offered on tap.


The tables and chairs all seem to be on stilts which suits the space. In spite of the height, no complaints on comfort here! Nothing worse than an uncomfortable adult high-chair.


Amazingly enough my friend was able to call ahead and requested seating at the chef’s table. Here you can sit and sip on your cocktail while you watch the kitchen work their magic. I have a lot of respect for restaurants with open kitchens as you really need to run a tight ship. Everything on the line was spotless.


Before I could even begin to think about a cocktail, I decided to start off with some freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. It was divine as most freshly squeezed juices are, truly a glass of pure health.


After gawking at the menu I decided that the cocktails were worth a gander. I went with a Bloody Mary because sometimes you have to judge a place by its classics. The Report: It was classic…


First Out: We ordered a slice of the corn bread. What a fine specimen to take that hunger-edge off. Just reminiscing over this photo…I can still taste the sweet and salty collision of the honey and salted butter spread on top of the freshly baked and hot-out-the-oven pillowy cooorn breeeaad.


I highly recommend the heavenly “Pickled Shrimp” dish served on EVO rye bread with aioli (pictured above). Seriously it’s the best $14.00 you will ever spend in your life. It was savory, it was vinegary, it was creamy and the vegetables and herbs were super fresh and fragrant. I could eat this all day long.


There was no way we could leave without trying the biscuits and gravy. PeanutPimpMama loves nothing more than a nice fluffy buttermilk biscuit bathing in a pool of creamy gravy. This one in particular had two neighboring perky lil’ sunny-side-up huevos. Basically if I lived in Charleston and had biscuits of this caliber at my fingertips, I would be the size of a house. There would be no coming back. The worst part? That was not the last biscuit I had that day.


Pictured Above: Edmund’s Oast gives credit to all of their foodie-sources. They are another example of a fine establishment locally sourcing and supporting other foodie businesses in the Charleston community. You have to love the spirit in this city.


For a super decadent brunch and a mighty fine view at the chef’s table, make this happen! Next time I’m hitting up that bar for some beers. Cheers to Edmund and his Oast!


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