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Goat. Sheep. Cow. – Charleston- SC

I lovePeanutPimpMama1-300x300 cheese. I love all kinds of cheese. In 2007 my cousin came to visit me in Paris and we had a funny experience with a very stinky little cheese. We had purchased it as part of a picnic to eat while touring Paris on the big red bus. As a host, I had the perfect Parisian tour down to a science including the ability to pack quite the portable spread. It was not only budget friendly and delicious, but easy to prepare with a supermarket sweep at my local Monoprix. How I miss having a delicious fromagerie and selection of beautiful wines right outside my front door. (That was living.) After a successful day of bus-touring we decided to stow away our leftover goodies for the next day’s adventures until we realized that something wasn’t quite right.

207616_5948146998_415_nOne of our creamy tranches had decided to omit the scent of a rotting corpse that permeated my studio and nearly kicked us out the next morning. At least we had motivation for an early start even the champagne-hang couldn’t stop. No harm, as cheese (stinky or not) has continued to be the center of many good times since. That smell “tho”…


Here I was eight years later touring another city and making more memories with cheese. My friend decided to throw a little get-together and of course I needed a visit to the local cheese haven to make my contribution. We decided it was time for a trip to Goat Sheep Cow, which is located in the historical area of downtown Charleston. Here we assembled and paired a beautiful spread for all to enjoy.


The international selection was exceptional and deceivingly large judging from the size of the quaint and tiny store front. It really does look like a fromagerie in Europe with all of Charleston’s old-world architecture. The best part is you don’t need a passport to get here!

349(PeanutPimpMama particularly enjoyed tasting all of the cheeses as she was contemplating her purchase.) As we finally narrowed our selection down the temptation did not seize. Goat Sheep Cow’s walls are also lined with rows of delightful wines and all the cheese-plate accouterments you could ever dream of. We managed to remain somewhat controlled. It helped that my dear friend and major cheese enthusiast was already armed with many scrumptious accompaniments.


The cheese made it home safe and sound and on to a beautifully presented cutting board the next day. We decided to pair all of our goodies with a beautiful bottle of 2011 Domaine J.A. Ferret Pouilly-Fuissé. It went particularly well with our chosen “stinker”.


Safe to say everyone enjoyed les fromages that afternoon. It’s so nice having a house gathering where everyone comes together to share their favorite snack. It was a good team that pulled together that afternoon. I see no regrets pictured above… Here’s to Goats, Sheeps and Cows! (Not Camels)


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The Charleston Grill at Charleston Place Hotel – Charleston- SC

After having tea aphotot Charleston Place Hotel I decided to go for a gander. Eventually I perched at the bar of The Charleston Grill to kill some time. (The last thing PeanutPimpMama had on the brain was food, so instead of eating she decided to sip.) I watched the bartender as he was setting up for the dinner shift and the staff started to trickle in slowly one by one. I was a bit apprehensive about being “that customer” (that sits at the bar when you are barely open) but I made it pretty clear that I was in no rush. It was a relaxing atmosphere with serious interior like most meat-heavy restaurants with a lot of strong lines and dark wooden accents. Evidently there was a pharma-event in town which made for some delightful sipping entertainment with a jovial bar crowd.



Shortly after the bartender greeted me with his Oh-So-Southern-Hospitality, I was given the menu along with the drink list. Okay okay, I had a snack in the end…That trail mix “tho”. It was FREE. As my Dad used to say, “If something is free, fill your pockets.”

imageAfter I asked for a suggestion, I received the bartender’s mystery beverage that he thought suited my taste buds. There was no way I could drink anything remotely sweet after the sugar coma I was experiencing from tea. Mr. Bartender shook up a solid bevvy. I really wish I had money for the champagne flight “tho”. If I could recommend anything, it would be to order the champagne flight as it is a combination of very special bubbles. What a great way to try all the things!


On the way out I took a peek at the The Palmetto Cafe which is known for their “Lowcountry Cuisine”. It’s a great space where you can view the courtyard right through the floor-to-ceiling windows. I hope that Charleston is nice and toasty when I return so I can dine al fresco in the courtyard. (PeanutPimpMama has a soft spot for al fresco dining.) For now taking pics there had to suffice.


A city with great food, beautiful people and adorable dogs. What more could you want out of life?image

Except to live with these two??

PPM <3

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