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PeanutPimpMama’s London Yum Yumzz 2014 – (Day Seven) Buckingham Palace and an Aloe Family Feast!


(Day 7) I got up nice and early and was all hyped up for my stage (as in “un stage”) at Launceston Place. As it turned out, they did not have many covers for the shift and offered the option to return the next day for an in-depth experience. With a suitcase still hibernating at The Blakes and a commute to Collindale that afternoon by tube, I took them up on their offer. After all, PeanutPimpMama needed to maximize her photo footage opps during this once in a lifetime chance to be in the kitchen at a fine-dining restaurant in London.

Pictured Here: Buckingham Palace

Once upon a time I lived in London for over a year. That was many many moons ago. I still don’t feel like a trip to Soggies is complete without a visit to her majesty and the Beefeaters. I <3 their Q-tip hats!

Pictured Here: Beefeaters

It’s really hard to find someone that appreciates a good changing of the guards show like me. I’m normally left to attend alone.

Pictured Here: Big Ben

On day seven, I  was out with my suitcase for an hour near Buckingham Palace standing on a guardrail for photos. I became quite fatigued since my London adrenaline was fading. The time zones were working their magic and I needed to find a bed STAT.

Pictured Here: An Aloe Family Feast Begins!

I paid my tributes and made it back to Collindale for a four-hour sleep. It felt good, but when I woke up it was time for some coffee. PeanutPimpMama was about to attend a long awaited Aloe feast in observance of Good Friday! It had been nearly 6-7 years since the last opportunity occurred.

Pictured Here: Pasta at the Aloe residence

The delicious meal started out with some smoked salmon and then we moved on to some home-made Pasta Pesctore. Nothing is more comforting than a big plate of al dente pasta drenched in a hearty red seafood sauce.

Pictured Here: Harrisson (a new addition)

Since I had last been present at an Aloe-feeding, there have been some new additions to the family. Pictured above is Harrison. He’s a big fan of trains, cameras, photography and loves a good bowl of pasta.

Pictured Here: A self portrait

He shot my portrait while I was in town. He fancies a good “selfie” every now and again too.

Pictured Here: Oliver the latest addition

Here we have Harrison’s brother and side-kick Oliver. Oliver is the quiet and sensitive type…He likes to learn pasta eating techniques on his free time.

Pictured Here: Pavlova

For dessert we had a scrum-didly-um-tious home made Pavlova. I had two slices. I always wondered where this fluffy mass earned its name from. The sweet treat was named after the famous ballerina Anna Pavlova.

Perhaps the lightness and fluffiness of the meringue bit represents how light and airy she was on her feet? Imagine if she actually consumed them on-the-reg.!

Pictured Here: Grappa

After the Pavlova’s appearance, the liquid-dessert made it out to the table. It was Grappa time!

Pictured Here: The Grappa Spout

 Check out the high-tech spout pouring feature.

Pictured Here: Amaretto and Grappa

Between the sweet Amaretto and the chest hair-inducing Grappa, we had two liqueurs to “duke it out” on the tongue. I chased my Grappa with my Amaretto… True story (no shame).

Pictured Here: Panetone

This meal was completed with a fresh slice of Panettone. I am mystified by the longevity of the Panettone. I have seen one Panettone make consecutive appearances at holidays in my family over the years. What lives longer, the Twinkie or the Panettone? The world may never know. It’s like trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.


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