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Maloney’s-Matawan, NJ~ (All Things Pumpkin 2013)


We’re all thinking it as we step out of our homes into this sticky-icky weather. It can’t possibly be Fall! It’s September 13th and while I may have given in to my first pumpkin coffee of the year last weekend, today’s coffee was iced and coconut flavored. I’m sucking down suntan lotion while Starbucks has launched their PS 10 campaign. I can’t believe I’m actually writing about my most favorite Fall topic. The All Things Pumpkin 2013 Report will now commence:


I’ve been meaning to write about Maloney’s for ages. In 2008 I started working at a famous Greenwich Village staple called Peculier Pub which carries well over 350 imported and domestic beers. When I first heard about the likes of Maloney’s opening up in Matawan I was shocked. I thought it a bit ambitious for the town and a complete rip-off of our entire beer menu. (How could they push all of those beers consistently without the demand?) Five years later and the bar is still in business. They have since streamlined their menu (predictable) and now offer 100 drafts and operate with a “no bottles” policy. While 100 beers on draft may be quite impressive they dare to call themselves “The largest beer bar on the East Coast.” (I’d check your references Mr. Bartender.) That’s a Bold BOLD statement.

I was intrigued when I was invited to the launch of their first pumpkin brews (for the season) release party. That’s right I said it! First it was Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and now the pumpkin beers are here! Maloney’s Southern Tier promo brought the crowds in by 6:00pm Wednesday night with the unveiling of Southern Tier’s Warlock Imperial Stout and their famous seasonal Pumking Ale. Early birds went home with a Southern Tier goblet for their beer sipping enjoyment. Sadly getting out of work at 5:30 Wednesday didn’t cut it. I missed out on the glass, but I made sure I got my pumpkin on.

The Report:

The Warlock Stout: I was really looking forward to this and it was nothing short of amazing. Part of Southern Tier’s “Blackwater Series” it’s one of four delicious dark beers that happens to be brewed with pumpkins. Malty, spicy and pumpkiny would be my choice of adjectives here! Meant to be sipped out of a goblet, its kind of like dessert in a glass. Their website even recommends pouring it over some vanilla ice cream. YUM.

Now priding itself as “The biggest beer bar on the East Coast” (lies) they have about 5-6 pumpkin beers on draft at any given time. What does this mean for you? Pumpkin flights on demand all Fall/Winter! I’m not sure what the forecast is for their taps this year, but I know so far they’re starting off strong with Southern Tier’s Warlock and Pumking.

French onion soup may not be ideal with pumpkin flavored beer, but it’s a solid item on their menu. After living in Europe for nearly four years, I can make a meal out of a crock of French Onion soup. There is something so comforting about the hot and salty beef bouillon base, half pound of melted Swiss cheese, and an island of soaking baguette and caramelized onions.

The most famous appetizer that I see come out of their kitchen on a very consistent basis are their loaded Irish Nachos. Another PPM recommendation! They are actually made out of POTATO chips (instead of your traditional corn chip) but you can find most of the other normal goodies on top including black beans, house made salsa, lettuce and lots of melted cheddar cheese. Sour cream is served on the side for dipping and you can also choose from pork, beef or shredded chicken to add to the Pile O’ Goodness. It’s a super tasty snack to have by your side if you plan on guzzling beers and a great size for sharing.

For more information check out  Get out there and get your pumpkins awn!


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Barosa- Rego Park, Queens- NY


After all of these years living around NYC I’m still naive to the outter boroughs. I was born into a family with the mentality that escaping Brooklyn for Central NJ in the 70’s was the best decision they ever made. As I returned to NY as an adult in 2008, adjusting to the hipster culture of hanging out in Bushwick and Bed Stuy while dealing with the occasional mugging wasn’t my idea of a good time. These days I often venture off into Queens and Brooklyn for yum yumz!


Pictured Here: The Storefront

Recently I was invited to an event Barosa in Rego Park-Queens, NY. With a seemingly sketchy street parking situation, they conveniently offer valet for their customers. If you’re feeling adventurous you can park in front of the French Tudor homes located just left of the venue. No meters either…What a delight.

The Experience:

Pictured Here: Bloody Mary

For a wedding shower with a set menu they certainly passed out a feeding! We started off with some Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas to toast to our bride-to-be. The Mimosas were my choice of beverage as NY can make one pretty critical about Bloody Marys. It’s hard to be satisfied if it’s not burning your tongue and filling your belly with assorted savory garnishes.

Pictured Here: Garlic Knots or Bear Claw?The garlic knot situation was out of control. They were the first food items placed on the table. I got a little too excited when I smelled the rich garlicky aroma filling the entire room. (No lies) As soon as I went in for the plunge, I pulled out an entire bear-claw’s worth. Tempting, but I had to resist eating five… These moist and chewy little dough balls may be tiny but they sure are sinful! Don’t fill up, and bring some extra-strength chewing gum. Just accept the fact that you can’t get too close to anyone for about 24 hours.

Pictured Here: Clams Oreganata Before the antipasti made it to the table, our server brought out two salads served family style. The Caesar was tasty but the Cold Antipasti salad was the winner. The chunks of provolone and mozzarella cheeses alongside salami, prosciutto, soppressata and plump olives in their refreshing vinaigrette were a solid precursor to the rich meal ahead. The other appetizers included stuffed mushrooms (stuffed with bread crumbs), eggplant rollatini and baked clams orreganata (with two r’s) hmm.

Pictured Here: Eggplant Rollatini

The eggplant was my favorite by far with the clams running a close second. There was something about this dish that reminded me of my Grandmother’s cooking. (Not to be cliché) The sauce (often applied to her raviolis) reminded me of the holidays growing up.

Pictured Here: Rigatoni a la Vodka Like a true Italian meal, you don’t stop at the second course. Our third course was a generous portion of (creamy deliciousness) Penne alla Vodka. This course was a struggle to complete. I was already hurting.

Pictured Here: Filet of Sole Orreganata Style

The grand finale was filet of Sole Oreganata served with a sautéed  vegetable medley and roasted potatoes. I got through nearly half of my fish when I was bursting at the seams. I was a tad carbed out from garlic-knots-galore and our tasty noodle course.

Pictured Here: Italian Coffee

I’ll save the dessert to your imagination. Barosa put together some beautiful coffees including your basic espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and iced coffees as well! Their iced cappuccino was amazing, served layered in a flute. Pictured above is their “Iced Italian Coffee” served with Frangelico, Baileys, Kaluah with whipped cream and topped with a marachino cherry.  It was liquid dessert that spread like wildfire.

We left Barosa in a pretty giddy state. The staff were enthusiastic and our server really went the distance to see that we were watered and fed to our little hearts’ desires. He even dealt with our incessant photo shoots and was hardly bothered by being our photographer. With extensive experience hospitality world, I appreciated his positive attitude while serving a bunch of loud women progressively getting louder after boozey-brunch. He handled us like a champ. Bravo!

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