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Ganga Asian Bistro n’ Sushi – Matawan, NJ

peanutpimpmamaIf there was ever going to be a restaurant to put Matawan back on the foodie map this could be it. Today dear friends, I bring you Ganga Asian Bistro n’ Sushi located at 532 Rte. 34- right on the boarder of little old Matawan and Old Bridge. With Indonesian management, this restaurant offers an Asian-Fusion menu (so 2001 of them) with “NYC standards” and continues to impress their well dressed bridge and tunnel-ers clan by keeping up on their game! You can expect nothing but the best quality at Ganga, which is why it has become a Friday night favorite for Mom and I.

The Experience:

For locals entering this establishment which formerly housed a series of failed Asian restos is a very impressive moment. The drastic transformation of the space wrecks any negative stigma or association anyone may have had with this venue. On any given weekend the dining floor will be buzzing with customers, servers and an open sushi bar serving as the main spectacle of the house. All of this movement creates a sense of curiosity for diners within this mini Tao-like setting.  The overall vibe is quite sexy with its chic interior decor, dim lighting and loud techno-lounge music they have even managed pump to into the toilet stalls assuring that no guests hear themselves think.

The Bar:

Ganga offers a variety of cocktails (muddled, shaken and stirred) along with sake and plum wines. The bar staff are friendly,efficient and open to suggestions! Don’t see your favorite drink on the menu? They are delighted to accommodate. With the choice to sit at their high-top tables or the bar itself, they provide a fun and energetic space to imbibe. You can sip your wine and see where your stomach takes you while gawking at scintillating platters of sushi and maki rolls.

Recently the Friday night Ganga ritual with mom has consisted of a late night snack and the sipping of my favorite plum wine Choya! I often refer to the plum floating in my martini glass as “my boozy fruit roll up.” Go on give it a bite… Watch the pit.

The Yum Yumz:

The peppered tuna appetizer is a must-have. When you roll up in there at 9pm from a long day working in NYC you don’t require a lot of food. Dim-sum style is the way to go. It’s a good amount of fresh tuna served in a puddle of ponzu sauce and garnished with roe, cucumbers and a seaweed salad. Guilt free I promise!

The Shrimp Shumai sail in on a kitsch little boat. They’re bite-sized delights covered in a supple noodle and served with a ginger-soy sauce for dipping. I could eat twelve alone. I could also taste them in my mouth for twelve days to follow.

While Mom is usually a huge fan of their crispy duck salad, she switches it up occasionally for the Indian Pancake pictured above. Once again another delicious dish with a flakey yet chewy pancake and a spicy curry chicken sauce for dipping, spreading, spooning… Whatever your lil’ heart desires.

Their appreciation for aquatic life must not go unnoticed. No worries, the fish in the tank do not end up in your sushi roll.

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