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PizzArte- Midtown West – New York, NY


I started working near Columbus Circle recently. It feels very “New York”, and has been an oddly refreshing re-introduction to NYC life. I’ve had a lot of fun exploring uncharted territory and developed a great routine where I take my subway uptown, order my Cinnamon Dulce Latte from Starbucks and then I take a couple laps around the block before arriving at my desk. The problem with all this new uncharted territory? I discover “all the things.” This discovery requires money.


One day after work my Mom and I decided to meet for dinner while waiting for our chauffeur to arrive. While she is third generation Italian-American, she doesn’t stray far from her “native cuisine”. I tried to tempt her with a French place nearby and she wouldn’t have it. We finally decided to come to PizzArte located at 69 West 55th Street NY, NY 10019. After entering I decided it was fine for what it was, a tiny, modern, clean, pizza-resto-bar with a lovely open kitchen and a view of the brick oven. The only weird part about this little Italian eatery was… There were no Italians. The entire joint seemed to be run by an Eastern European clan, their website claiming differently. Lies!

The Food: (What you’re here for)

I decided to keep it light with the “Insalarte,” a dish with tomato carpaccio, burrata cheese, garnished with fresh basil and an olive oil dressing. Besides the unique shape of my burrata, (butt-tata) the dish could not be messed up. (Tomatoes and cheese, tomatoes and cheese, tomatoes and cheese!)

The Diavola Pizza: San Marzano tomatoes, spicy salame, mozzarella and basil

Even though our Slovak waitress/bartender was just about as “Italian” as my mom, she was pleasant and made sure we had what we needed. Reading somewhere that they had gluten free pizza, I was shocked by the pleasurable flavor. I slowly sank my teeth into the pillowy chewy crust which folded around the oooey gooey cheese and sizzling tomato sauce. It wasn’t gluten free even though they happen to offer it. That explained why it was so good. Perhaps next time I’m feeling really daring I’ll go gluten-free?

The Quattro Formaggi: Gorgonzola cheese, caciocavallo, smoked buffalo mozzarella and parmigiano

This pizza might not look like much to write home to mama about, but its four cheeses were amazing lathered in spicy olive oil and topped off with some fresh cracked black pepper. PizzArte is great for an after-work cocktail and and nosh. For a quieter experience, I suggest sitting in the upstairs dining room as the bottom is quite narrow with not-so-amazing acoustics. One should be okay with sitting at the bar since there are limited tables on ground level. You are definitely not meant to camp out here.

Apps range from $15-20 dollars, Pizzas range from $17-20 dollars and Mains vary from $16-32.00. I’d say the drinks were average prices for Mid-Town Manhattan. It’s definitely not a spot for bargain hunters, but a solid stop for tasty and quick Italian-fare.

More Info. is available at

~ PeanutPimpMama

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Pucker – Asbury Park, NJ


While basking in the sun at my favorite beach Asbury Park, my cousin and I were cooking like two eggs in a pan. With an early start to the day and two more hours ahead of our heat-soaking threshold, we needed a quick and delicious way to refresh and imbibe. She had the brilliant suggestion to get lemonade and so we found Pucker. They have not one, but two Pucker stands on the boardwalk squeezing the life out of little lemons solely for your enjoyment.

The stand on the Southern end of the boardwalk is small and unassuming with a big lemon on the front and a yellow umbrella. You get the hint. The other one (the main one) also serves delicious fries in a paper cone. These fries are twice-fried giving them that Belgian Pommes Frites quality with a plethora of dipping sauces. (PPM likes to dip things in sauces and appreciates a selection.)

The Experience:

It’s fun watching the lemon works go down. There they are, in a bucket just waiting for their execution. Each cup gets a freshly pressed lemon, some “mystery juices” are poured out of giant vats and last the Puckers Peeps shake em up with all their might. You have four flavors of lemonade to choose from: Regular, Blood Orange, Mango or Strawberry. I figured for my first Pucker experience I would go with a basic lemonade to see if it was quality before graduating to the others. I was afraid of anything being remotely syrupy or thick on a hot day.

Not gonna lie, there was slight buyers remorse. I know it would have been the other way around where curiosity would have killed me if I didn’t go with the original. The Blood Orange was bangin… Two delicious lemonades for 6 bucks! End of Story.

Pictured Above: PPM enjoys a Pucker Lemonade wearing a 1920’s male inspired swim suit brought to you by Lightly Salted (on sale for $65.00). Hat purchased at Robert Legere Design ($15.00).

For More Information about Pucker Visit . They’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare!

Pucker Up!


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Hoagitos- Asbury Park, NJ


You know when you’re young and you start learning about foreign languages? You seem to spot vocabulary where adding “ito” or “ria” to the end of nouns works in one or two cases. Afterwards you start adding it to everything even if only for purposes of self-amusement. Meanwhile your new found words don’t actually have meaning, but they sound like they could. Last you have created an entire new Romance-Inspired language concocted solely for your friends and family to enjoy. 


Hoagitos brought this to mind when I saw it for the first time last Saturday at Asbury Park. A food stand with a self explanatory name… Why of course! Ito= little and Hoagitos= Little Hoagies! Hoagies they are… Little they were.

While the stand is not much to look at, the managers at Hoagitos are smart. They’ve decided to pack a punch with their little stand. Their tactics? They bombard the masses with guerilla marketing by slapping their little Hoagitos Mascot everywhere you can look. You’ll even find him hiding out on the beach ticket booth right across the way. You can take your very own Hoagitos Mascot home along with a take away menu. Help a brotha out and slap him somewhere noticeable!

At four dollars per Hoagito, we’re talking about a very filling snack… so filling it’s guaranteed to keep your wallet full too!

(PPM likes that)

Pictured Here: The “Veggie”

The menu is slightly limited for vegetarians, but they’ve done their civic duty buy offering their “Veggie” Hoagito. This delightful little sandwich features a marinated and grilled Portobello mushroom, a nice fresh piece of Mozzarella cheese, grilled peppers, caramelized onions and fresh basil tucked away in the smushy little “bun-ito”. I would say you only need 1-2 sandwiches to be satisfied. One did the trick for me on a hot Summer’s day!

 Others may require more…

Don’t forget to visit these guys at where you can learn more about these fun little “sandwichitos” that pack a lot of big taste! You can even like them on facebook and watch their updates on twitter and Instagram!

“Too good to have just one.”- Hoagitos

Peace, love and Hoagitos


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APYC @ Lightly Salted-Asbury Park, NJ



I was so sad to hear the rumor that Lightly Salted was gone for good. I know Sandy had really taken her toll on our beaches, but it seemed that everything was coming back strong. The storefront where our favorite little surf shop used to exist had been boarded up for weeks now. Little did we know they were executing some big plans. Still a bit unfinished, Lightly Salted now has RE-OPENED their bar APYC (Asbury Park Yacht Club- No Yacht Required) just at the entrance for your enjoyment. It’s a one stop shopping place for food, drink and new beach threads!

The Experience:

There’s no denying that this bar is a little rough around the edges much like its staff. They play it cool at this establishment…Very cool. What you see is what you get and they want to make it clear that if you need anything beyond that, you can waltz your purdy little arse next door to their neighboring bar for anything your foofy-self might require. It’s all basic (mostly Mexican) beers here at APYC and a small yet strong selection of liquors. Don’t ask for cocktails as requiring a mixer is seriously going overboard.

So I’m nosey. I sat down and asked if they had any delicious cocktails. I was informed that, “We only have beer and liquor here.” Meanwhile I’ve been on a serious Malibu kick. I know… Tastes like college right? Turns out they only have Malibu Black which will burn your nose-hairs if you’re not careful. I saw some Bloody mix substance hanging out in their refrigerator in a bucket and had to ask if Bloody Mary’s were available. I was reluctantly met with the response, “Yeah, I think we can do that.” I wanted to know if the Mary mix wasn’t for Mary’s what was it for exactly? Turns out it’s for the Micheladas. So, a Michelada I had. I had to mention that Micheladas were definitely categorized under “delicious cocktails” in my book. I made an instant BFF for with that comment… Really it was love.

After my Malibu Black and Pineapple the transition over to spice was a bit much. I made it work. I passed it around for a taste tester and this customer agreed, “The Michelada is tasty and refreshing! A little too much debris at the end to swallow.” While she wanted to remain anonymous her feedback was appreciated. They could go lighter on what tastes like pure cocktail sauce at the end or perhaps garnish it with a shrimp? (I would insert a wink emoticon here if I could.)

As we sipped our Mexican beers we agreed that Asbury Park has turned into the New Jersey shore’s equivalent to LA’s Venice Beach, minus the marijuana shops for self-medicating purposes. It draws quite the alternative crowd these days.

APYC has a NO FOOD (no fuss) policy. However food can be brought over from the owner’s neighboring restaurants Langosta Lounge or Pop’s Garage to enjoy. It’s where you want to go if you just need a quick (AFFORDABLE) beverage and a mini break from the sun. After all, an impulse beer is always the most refreshing after a successful shopping spree. PPM Thoughts: Keep in mind ordering your drinks here might be a bit like pulling teeth, but it’s a love-hate experience. This place has spunk that anyone has to appreciate.

I’ll be back anyway APYC. You haven’t seen the last of PeanutPimpMama!


APYC located @ 2nd Ave. Pavilion in Asbury Park, NJ

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