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Peculier Pub-Greenwich Village, NYC

Where to begin? It’s hard not to write about this place without any sense of sentimentality. All of you (New Yorkers and you bridge and tunnel-ers) have frequented this timeless establishment and you may not even realize it. Chances are you have been coming here since you were old enough to get on a train without a curfew. Peculier Pub (no it’s not spelled wrong) is a “maison de la biere” located on New York’s famous Bleecker St. right in the heart of Greenwich Village. Featuring over 350 types of bottled beers, they also have 27 drafts (imported and domestic) which are swapped out seasonally and a kitchen that is open until last call (3:30 am on Fridays and Saturdays)

The pub’s name comes from a beer brewed in England called Theakston’s ‘Old Peculier’. The pub was founded over thirty years ago during a time where most places in NYC were limited in the types of beer they sold. Nowadays it is pretty safe to say that numerous bars have bitten off the concept. However, this bar was the first beer bar in NYC that stocked hundreds of different beers from around the globe. They continue to hold their own by offering the largest international selection around still, with unbeatable prices on imported beers and summer drink specials on drafts and selected seasonally inspired cocktails. It really is the only place where you can drink the night away for $20.00. Those yelp reviews do not lie about their generosity.

The pub’s location has a bit of history behind it and it is evident when you enter this establishment. Peculier Pub was originally located on West 4th St. (now the Slaughtered Lamb) in a space that held very few people at maximum capacity. When the owner and his wife realized that their concept had taken off, they moved to 145 Bleecker St. However juxtaposed are the pew like seats and stained glass to the bar, they are remnants of the previous tenants (a bar called Preachers) and somehow make sense. To add to the irony, two tenants ago (and two bars ago) the space was occupied by a bible shop that happened to be owned by two sisters. Little did they know that this space would soon be occupied by one of New York’s most successful watering holes.


In addition to the 300 and some odd beers that Peculier has to offer you, they also have a great selection of pub grub at incredibly affordable prices so you can save your dollars for what matters most… Beer! The menu ranges from $3 to $10 for an array of choices including your traditional pub grub (wings, fries, burgers, and other fried goodness), Mexican-inspired plates (quesadillas and nachos), pizza, burgers and hearty sandwiches that both come with fries. Vegetarian? Try the veggie nachos, veggie burger (as a wrap if you like), mozzarella and tomato sandwich on fresh ciabatta, edamame, mozzarella and garlic pizzas. Or indulge yourself in their house fries made with rosemary and garlic… YUM! (PPM Tip: Ask for a side of their caper mayo for dipping)

                                 Pictured Here: Jalapeno Popper

Why do I love this place, for real? Where else can you go in the Fall that has seven different pumpkin beers bottled and on draft? Who else carries five different chocolate beers? Try finding another bar that has banana and bacon flavored beer all under one roof! Let’s not forget how far they are willing to go to please their customers. The pub is VERY flexible about supplementing anything, ANYTHING you ask for! If you are interested in seeing a detailed list of Peculier Pub’s offerings you can go to and download all of their pdfs!


As in the words of Tommy Chow: “We are not like other bars. We are family here and our customers are regulars that have been coming here for years. We have very nice customers.  No bad people, all good.” As a former employee that holds this bar dear to my heart, I can attest to the fact that (all considered, for a bar on Bleecker St. and one of NYU’s) the customers for the most part were always as unforgettable as the regulars.

                      Pictured Here: Regular Andrew and Friendly Bar Staff

We got to know our regulars by their favorite beers and more often than not were able to have it ready to go by the time they reached the bar. FACT. Old regulars and former employees alike return to this establishment year after year to give hugs to Mr. Chow, talk about how the manager Wind still looks 21(somehow), reminisce about “The Glory Days” and sip on their favorite poisons as they chat up their favorite bartenders. I have witnessed a couple coming back for an engagement photo shoot since this pub is where their magic began.



               Pictured Here: Generous Shots    






 So Here’s The REAL Scoop: Peculier Pub is a great place to go for the New Year’s Countdown! With great drinks, food and friends you can enjoy your NYE without paying a cover and enjoy a champagne toast! For Real, we all know as NY’ers how much of a chore New Year’s can become. If you are in a pinch and celebrating with a large group of people that want to bring in the New Years in a fun and laidback atmosphere with plenty of room to dance, Peculier Pub is the place to be!


Large groups are always welcome at the bar! The overall capacity is 160 people and they have sections and tables to accommodate parties. Group discounts apply to groups of 20+! Get the draught beers for $4-5 and any well drink for $4. Contact Wind with a time, date and group size and they’ll see if they can reserve an appropriate section for you. Be sure to give prior notice for the discount to apply! Please note that this discount also (and already) applies to all NYU students and faculty with ID on Thursdays.


Peculier Pub also comes alive on Halloween, the pub’s biggest night of the year! It is the perfect place to stumble into for a nice beer to warm you up after watching hours of the city’s amazing parade up Sixth Ave. Costumes are not mandatory although heavily encouraged! Once again enjoy free entry and great company to get into the spirit of our city’s favorite holiday. Peculier Pub likes this holiday so much in fact, you can find their staff in costume for the entire weekend of themed dress!

They Like To Celebrate Birthdays a lot Too…


The pub also hosts many weekly and monthly club events and meet-ups.  A special video tribute for their favorites, the REDDIT Group!


Peculier pub has been featured on City Search, New York Magazine, and written up on ZAGAT, Beer Advocate and the Ultimate Pub Guide. Among the things mentioned are the pub’s museum like qualities with their vast selection of beer and related artifacts around it such as historical beer cans, and bottle cap art made by the original owner himself, Tommy Chow. Peculier Pub has been referred to as a “museum of beer, encyclopedia of brewing arts, a beer lover’s dream, unique, with top-notch knowledgeable bar maids.” Bar maids responsible for converting the NYU students from Bud and Coors to sophisticated ales!

Don’t want to go there for drinks?  Well you can hit them up for a late night snack when everyone else is closin up! There really is something here for everyone.

Please remember that Peculier Pub is a Cash-Only Establishment.

They have an ATM conveniently located at the back of the bar.


For more information please visit them at and don’t forget to like them on Facebook!



Mon-Wed: 5 pm – 2 am
Thursday: 4 pm – 3 am
Friday: 3:30 pm – 4 am
Saturday: 2 pm – 4 am
Sunday: 2 pm – 1 am
Please don’t forget to tip the bar staff responsibly!