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The “Daddia” Cuppie-Triple Chocolate Goodness!~ Available for Orders (inquire within)

Introducing the “Daddia” Cupcake: Triple Chocolate Goodness!

(That melts in your mouth… not anywhere else)

My first sale and request for cupcakes was from my Dad.  Every business starts out somewhere!  It was the middle of July, the most innapropriate time for such an indulgent creation….and it was just in time for our family beach vacay in Cape May, New Jersey!  He requested a super chocolately cupcake with chocolate chips in the batter, chocolate fudge inside with chocolate icing.  So, I put together the most chocolately concoction I could think of.  This batch of cupcakes had almost an entire container of unsweetened cocoa in the base along with about three sticks of melted butter. I felt fatter and even more un-ready for my bathingsuit just getting my ingredients together!

After I blended all of my wet ingredients they started to form a beautiful fluffy chocolate-mouse-like substance turned velvety by the generous addition of flour.  This batter alone was mouth watering.  When I finally reached the desired consistency, (and end of my dry ingredients) I was careful to not overbeat the batter.  Finally, I mixed in my mini chocolate chips before spooning batter into their paper cupcake wrappers pictured below.

I had an interesting experience baking this time around having left one of my cupcake trays in NJ.  As a fellow “New-Jersian turned pseudo Manhattanite”  I have always had a problem since moving back to NY in 2008: living a life in limbo of the misplaced and forgotten belongings (between house and apt.) due to the temptations of free storage in NJ (called my bedroom), and overpriced real estate lacking any form of storage here in NYC.

So, there I was with the thicker guage of my two trays left on hand in the sweaty dungeon called my kitchen apt., and the better of my two sitting on my parents table in NJ.  This recipe happening to be the richest recipe known to man kind, kept failing the toothpick test even after the advised 25 minutes at 350 degrees!  I had to re-load them a couple times in five minute increments as I continued to watch them carefully.

As the cupcakes came out in heats and I started to make the ganache to kill time.  What can I say besides more butter, sugar and cocoa!  I was initially scared by the loose consistency fearing I was missing some sort of ingredient.  I realized later that the trick was “refrigeration before application”.

When I started baking and cooking for the first time (in a very long and overdue time) I began to realize the trials and tribulations of doing so in a NYC kitchen.  It requires a lot of patience, but mostly creativity and effective useage of space.  Being the former Parsons Paris art student that I am, these were not serious issues for me.  In fact I amused myself thinking about what the neighbors had running through their minds as I turned our living room window ledge into a photography studio/combination “cuppie cooling rack” pictured here.  Did they wonder why I was meticulously stacking and piling cuppies and creating my own backdrops while waiting for the perfect time of day for ideal lighting?  With our lack of living-room window treatments did we make them scoff with our “Domestic Goddess Monday” night dinners held around our Bob’s furniture pop-up table?  Ah these are the times to remember…

Filling the Daddia’s with ganache was tedious and messy.  I took a small knife and cut out the centers and filled each ditch with a glob of chocolate with a small dessert spoon.  After a couple hours in the fridge the once oozey chocolate had now turned into fudge that required a firm hand with an occassional plopping action.  After each hole was filled the lid was firmly secured in  place to disguise the spadework.

Sadly the heat wave had caused my ganache to once again turn into chocolate soup.  You can imagine how many times I took this bowl of ganache in and out of the fridge…

Last but not least: After all of the chocolate cuppies had been filled with chocolate ganache (turned soup)…it was time to make the chocolate icing!  As I’ve mentioned before I love using cream cheese (in life), but particularly any icing I make.  Just to assure these cuppies would turn out with no less than “PeanutPimpMama Standard” I made sure to get a pack and a half of Philadelphia into the mix with the remnance of cocoa powder I had left.  In this case it was a matter of “the more cocoa the better” since this recipe was hardly about holding back on anything…let alone CHOCOLATE.

When I was done icing the Daddias, there were more than I had expected.  Since the order was for only one dozen, I made sure to make some rounds to spread the PeanutPimpMama love.

Since the cuppies had to make it home safe and sound to Matawan (and later all the way down to the Cape), and I had an overabundance of them which would be a challenge to transport in the Mini Cooper with a shortage of hands.  In efforts to lighten my load, I made sure to give them to the people who would appreciate them most.  PeanutPimpMama hopes to change the world one cuppie at a time with her upcoming philanthropic venture “Project Cupcake.”  Stay tuned for more details!

In the end, the Daddias were a true success!  They made their first appearances for sampling on the streets of Manhattan on the UES and Chelsea on July 21st, later at Peculier Pub ( as well as Congress Hall ( where the cuppies were tasted by singer/songwriter Audrey Snow in the well known Brown Room!

 If you are interested in having your very own batch of PeanutPimpMama’s Daddia Cupcakes, please email your requests to:


“The 12-step chocoholics program: NEVER BE MORE THAN 12 STEPS AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE!”